Speedy question...help!

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  1. Hello everybody! I am a louis vuitton newby so I apologize if my question is idiotic.

    I am currently eyeing the speedy 30 with the shoulder strap. However, I am also trying to justify the extra 300$+ for the shoulder strap.

    I read somewhere that you could buy a shoulder strap separately for the regular speedy 30. Is this true? Is this a better option?

    If not, is the extra money worth it for the strap?

    Thanks everybody!
  2. TBH, I think the strap is well worth the money! Even if the regular speedy does have a strap you can buy, I don't see how it would work as well as the speedy b...the speedy b can be worn three ways and is much more versatile. I would spend the extra money and get the speedy b
  3. You can get the separate strap for the regular speedy. I have the regular speedy w/no extra strap and speedy b. JMHO, I prefer the speedy b because I can carry it three ways.
  4. The speedy with the shoulder strap (speedy b) had extra reinforcement on the sides that the strap attaches to making the purse lay better (my opinion) as well as supporting the weight (also my opinion). On the reg. speedy, if you want to attach a strap, you have to do it to where the handles attach to the bag. I personally prefer the reinforced sides because I think it looks better as well as helping with wear and tear. I tend to carry lots of stuff so I need the reinforced sides & D ring for my peace of mind. If you carry lots of stuff - then yes it's worth it. I debated forever but finally decided and got one yesterday and I'm very happy.
  5. Okay great! You guys sold me!! Holt Renfrew here I come! :smile:
  6. Def worth the money!!! I use it so many ways and when u wear it without the strap yours looks a little different than everyone elses.
  7. Definitely get the B. I bought my Speedy in 2010 before the B was released. I wish I knew the B was coming out I would've waited. There will be times when a shoulder strap is so needed and you'll be glad you spent to money. I just sold my Speedy so I can replace it with a shoulder bag.
  8. if you want the shoulder carry option, definitely get the Speedy B ...
  9. The Speedy B is much more convenient. Even if the regular Speedy is very beautiful. If you add a strap, it can damage it and it won't look the same. I would go the the Speedy B. :smile:
  10. If you really want the speedy with strap, I would get the Speedy B. The regular speedy with strap just doesn't look right. It's not flattering, IMO.
  11. If you want a shoulder bag get the Speedy B. I LVoe mine!