Speedy question from an LV newbie

  1. I have seen lots of speedy's out and about. The monogram speedy's look all floppy, especially the bigger ones (30 or 35?). It didn't look like it held its shape very well, like the stuff inside just weighs down the bottom of the bag, giving it a weird shape.

    1. Does this happen as the bag ages and the canvas gets more malleable/bendable?
    2. Does this happen to the same extent with the damier speedy's or epi's?
    3. Do you put something in the bottom of your bag to remedy this?

    I like the look and am looking to venture into speedyland, but prefer something a tiny little stiffer and holds shape.

    Thanks in advance for your info!!
  2. Try a purseket, there is a thread about them on this forum. It helps with the sagging! The speedy is supposed to sag just a bit, it is normal
  3. The epi speedys dohold their shape much better. For the mono or the damier, many people use a purseket and/or something stiff in the bottom to prevent the "sag".
  4. Well I have a Mono SPeedy 35 and hapen to love the sag. The canvas when you first get it IS VERY flexible. I did get a Purseket and it gives it a bit more structure and helps organize it.

    The Epi Speedy is more rigid.
  5. Use a magazine or catalog. I do and my 35 doesn't sag at all.
  6. it depends on how much you'll put inside the bag. the more you put in them, the less it will sag. i have 2 speedy 25s and a mc speedy 30 and they hold their shape well, with the amount i put in them (compact zipped wallet, sometimes a checkbook, digi camera, juicy accessory pouch, PSP, keys, hairbrush, and cell phone). my 25s have almost no sag, while the mc 30 has a slightly deeper sag. but i actually think that the sag adds to the character of the bag, when i have less items in it.
  7. I have a joey junior purse organizer, they hold my speedy up really well and come in several colors/patterns. I switch bags daily and I can finally do it in less than a minute.
  8. I barely notice any sag with my Speedy 25.
  9. My Damier Speedy barely sags and it's not all that full. I think the sag is just a quality of the Speedy; if one doesn't sag at all (as in artificially perfectly shaped) I sometimes wonder if it's a fake.
  10. My cousin has a beautiful older 30 that she lets sag (au natural), it looks so good on her. I use the purseket so there is just a little sag so I don't look too sloppy; but I like a little sag. I always assumed that's the way they meant it to look.

  11. I love your collection! Unfortunately as a college student I don't have even 1/4 of the # of bags you have...but I am working on it! I have a speedy 30 and I use the joey junior organizer to hold mine up. The Ultimate Purse Organizer by Joey Junior
  12. someone a while back posted that the fakes are stiffer and don't have that authentic sag that the true speedy has

    imo the bigger the bag the more fabric that can sag- idk if it's true but thats my thinking
  13. i just got a speedy 25 (mono) and i love the way it sags a little bit!!!
  14. I absolutely love the sag on my speedy 30...i think it just makes it "mine" u know? :smile: like alot of people here said, a purseket will help keep it's shape..so i am ordering mine right now only because i am SOOOOOO disorganized and I carry around pens and would want them to break inside the bag..
  15. the sagging isnt really a problem to me. you can cut out a cardboard to put o the bottom of fthe bag. =)