Speedy question: Does this happen or am I screwed?

  1. Hi everyone. This is my first Damier Speedy so I don't know if this happens but I certainly don't like it. I never noticed this because right after I bought it, I never got to use it. I gave it to my mother so she can use it on vacation. So, now that I have it back and I started using it, I noticed that one side is very off. It looks like the stitching is messed up and it affects the shape of the bag as compared to the side with the lock. When I carry something with weight, the corner on the top side caves in sort of. I took some pictures so I hope I can get some feedback. Is this normal? If not, is there anything I can do? And is it that bad?

    Also another thing I noticed, I have a tiny tear on one of the handles. I'm so upset sort of. I don't like the feeling of having an imperfect bag. Do you know what I mean?:sad:

    Piture 005 shows that "caved in look" I was talking about.
    Picture 003.jpg Picture 001.jpg Picture 005.jpg better side.jpg tear.jpg
  2. Out of curiosity... Where did you buy this bag that you loaned to your mom before getting it back?
  3. How is that relevant? Anyway, I bought it at Saks in new york at the end of January. It was the last one they had in stock at the moment.
  4. That's messed up.

    You should exchange that for a new one.
  5. The reason I think i'm screwed is because it's been used for about a month already. Would they still take the exchange?
  6. my mini pochette has a little flaw like that is the date code on the other side of the flaw?
  7. I have seen many authentic speedies that get that sucked in look along the piping, mine has it a tad in certain areas and I just push it out as best as I can. The tear on the handle, that would annoy the bleep out of me! Did you mom do that with a ring or something? Don't lend your mom anymore of your bags, lol, just kidding!
  8. Sorry I asked even. I've have never seen such an imperfect bag from LV before.:crybaby: I'll let the members assist you.
  9. I think they may take it back. It looks like a flaw.
  10. No, my date code is inside the bag behind the flap. The stitching problem I have is on the side .
  11. It's ok. Thank you. That's why i'm so upset. I didn't expect this to happen and it's my fault for not noticing sooner that it was this flawed. The funny thing is that after I bought it, I was carting it around back to LV at another location because I was being picky and wanted to exchange it for a mono or a damier that was made in France at least since mine is made in USA. In the end, the mono wasn't right for me and my friends thought it was anal of me to exchange a damier for another identical damier just because I was hoping to get one made in France. In hindsight, I really wished I did exchange it.
  12. id say if it bother's you that much take it to the store and talk to them about it but i don't know if they will exchange it look in you'r recipt at their return policy...
    my mini Damier pochette has the same flaw and I decidet to keep it I abuse it anyway since it's a Damier...
  13. Thats a major flaw. I'd take it back. At least give it a try and see what they say.

  14. I get what you mean lol I found myself opening the bag up and pushing the piping out many times. It's so annoying because it just makes my bag look horrible. I just worry that it makes the bag appear fake because it's so extreme the way it caves in sometimes.

    I asked my mom this morning if she knew of that tear on the handle. She was like, "no I didn't do anything to it." So now I'm doubting myself and thinking it was my own ring that caused that for the 2 days total that I got to "enjoy" this bag :sad:
  15. little flaws may happen because LV bags are hand made and can't be 101% perfect.
    If it bothers you,best thing to do is take it to the store and have it checked. I'm sure LV SAs will be glad to assist you. Goodluck