Speedy Q - lock and key


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  2. Just the Lock

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  1. as you know, recently i just bought my mono speedy 25.. and at first, i only had the lock attached to it, and i kept the key somewhere safe(at home) i thought it looked so simple and classy, although a bit plain! :yes: and then... i realise there was a way i could attach the key TO the lock (of course, that meant if i actually needed to unlock it, i'm going to need to remove the keys from the lil hoops they're attached to:rolleyes:) and i think it looks kind of pretty too... but... :hrmm: this time a bit on the 'busy' side... so i'm kind of a bit undecided..
    my thoughts are i would prefer to keep all the 'trimmings' on display, but then again, the perfectionist part of me gets a bit aggitated with the thought of the bag looking less streamlined and that the lock might end up with lil scratches on it, hence it not being perfectly shiny! :p

    sorry long post on such a simple matter... just wanted to know what everyone's opinions are and what they do? :shrugs:
  2. i wouls have lost the key a long time ago if i kept it in the lock.
  3. I put my lock and key in the small interior pocket b/c i fear w/age and gravity, the weight of lock will mess up the look of the tab.
  4. I don't carry the locks at all. I leave them at home.
  5. I'm leaving the lock attached, with the key attached to the lock through a small metal hoop that came with it. It's how I purchased the bag and I'm keeping it like that :smile:.
  6. I keep just the lock on mine
  7. I keep the lock attached to the tab, but I put both keys in an LV box that also holds all of my LV receipts and keep the box in my purse cabinet. Some people attach their keys to the inside d-ring tab or you could just put the key on your keyring.
  8. on my mono speedy I have the lock on the pull tab I have no idea where the keys are now but even when I did have them I never opened and closed the lock

  9. ahh.... never thought of that option! :yes:
  10. I always keep my keys attached to the lock dangling in the keyhole...I love it that way! I love the way the keys wiggle and dance about, it's just so eye-catching! This applies to the lock&key of my Epi Alma and my Mini Lin Speedy....:graucho:
  11. just the locks for me
  12. It looks quite elegant with just the lock. Give it a try both ways to see which you like better.
  13. Just the lock for me!

  14. that looks soo cute! :nuts: but wouldn't it fall out? :shrugs:
  15. Just the lock. Keys are in the inside pocket.