Speedy purchase

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  1. As I've mentioned in a previous thread, I want to buy an LV. I've decided on a speedy, but am not sure of what a speedy can hold in terms of volume. I'm about 3 1/2 hours away from an LV store, so cannot go check it out right now.

    Speedy 25: this looks good on most average sized tPF members (I'm 5'6" and squarish in shape). Will it hold one/multiple hardcover books?

    Speedy 30: Can this size hold folders/binders? I feel it's a bit too large for a handbag, but will consider purchasing this size if it can double as something can carry my stuff to school in.

  2. Check out Visual Aids; it helped me a lot!
  3. i wouldnt suggest putting books in the speedies, size 30 and 25

    i only put like small novels in my speedies, both 30 and 25
  4. I think it would be hard to cram a folder or binder into a 30... its only 12" wide in dimension...
  5. i think with heavy things, speedy is not comfortable to carry.
    usually my speedy 25 stuffed with things, but not really heavy ...
  6. i'd say if you're going to carry folders and binders to go for the speedy 35.
  7. I have a speedy 35 and it can hold a lot but it can get VERY heavy. It sometimes hurt my arms if I overstuff it (I sometimes use it as my bag and a baby bag...:P Binders and folders wont fit in it though...
  8. Handheld bags like Speedy 25 & 30 can put stress on wrists and arms if they're heavy. Hardbound novels plus your personal things will make them so.
  9. a 30 can hold a magazine, but not a 25. hope that helps!
  10. Thanks!!
  11. I agree. I won't carry books in speedies. Not in any designer bags at least!
  12. Ditto...no Books!!!
  13. Oh, no! Somebody please tell me I can carry a book in my speedy...I am a hopeless reading addict and get antsy if I'm stuck anywhere without something to read. I always, always carry at least one book in my bag..
  14. I have a mono 30 and I have tons of extra room in it. I should have bought the 25, but I'm tall so I got the 30 for my height. I carry a pti wallet, makeup bag, glasses case and cell phone. I could stick a few paperbacks in there and still have room! I wouldn't put school books in it, though.
  15. U can definitely stick paperbacks or hardcover novels in the 30 or even 25 but not binders and folders...magazine are ok b'cos they're more flexible...U'll probably get some great arm muscles if u stick heavy books in there tho :P