Speedy Problem - Leather Side Tabs Pulling on Canvas

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  1. I was searching the forum specifically for this issue. None came up. I just purchased a preloved 2003 speedy 30 mono from Yoogi's Closet, its in "well used" condition. As per the pictures shown, the thread is pulling the canvas underneath the tab causing minor tear. Is this a common issue with speedys? Has anyone had this issue?

    I'm aware LV does not repair damage to the canvas. Should I just return the item?

  2. Mine is from '98 and doesn't have that issue. I personally would return it since, despite YC being transparent about the crack, LV will not touch it for future repairs.
  3. Well, it's very unlikely LV would even see this crack if the bag was sent for a zipper replacement or handle replacement. Nevertheless, I would return this bag.

    A 13yo bag + well used condition = other problems are bound to happen
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  4. It's unlikely but it's still possible, especially if the craftsman doing the repairs flips up the tab while examining authenticity or what ever it is they do. The most probable outcome is that the cracks begin to spread out further along the canvas, whether it takes months or years, and gets to the point where it's more obvious.
  5. The previous owner probably used the tab often - pulling it up- to lift the bag or maybe when they zipped it closed. It might not spread if you leave it alone but there is always a chance...
  6. My speedy is 10 years old and I tend to pull the tab when unzipping or zipping it up and I've noticed it doing the same thing just not as bad as yours. It's part of the wear and tear on it I suppose.