Speedy Piping Has Ripped .. Can This Be Fixed!

  1. I was was looking at my speedy the other day and noticed this .. can this be fixed .. if so does anyone know how much! I am bringing it to the the LV boutique next week, i have stopped carrying it. It doesn't seem to be from normal wear and tear, because that is the only corner that is messed up, and I have only had it a few months. HELP ME!

  2. Wow. I dunno about this one. I'd bring your receipt with you to LV. My month old damier speedy had a few strings hanging out by the piping and they gave me a brand new one..so maybe they'll do it for you? Though you really can't prove you didn't drop kick it
  3. well i have the receipt and everything .. i really hope they can fix it, and that it doesn't cost a fortune .. it's really weird because the other corners have nothing wrong with them ... btw i didn't drop kick it! :smile:

  4. Hahaha I know you didn't! We all love our purses here. It really is weird it did that though..:shrugs:
  5. Yeah I'm pretty sure they can. I know when they replace handles they can also replace piping, at least that's what my SA told me. I think someone here has had it done before but I can't recall whom it might be.
  6. I'd explain and ask for a free replacement and go from there.
  7. How old is your bag? It looks pretty new to me from the color of the leather.
    I have never hear this happen. I had my first Mono Speedy for over 20 years and nothing happened to it, so to me this really is some type of defect in the bag. They should replace it with a new one for you.
    Good luck.
  8. Tha'ts terrible! The pics actually made me cringe! Hopefully they will fix it for you!
  9. Yowzers. I've never seen that on what appears to be a fairly new bag. Yes, indeed, bring it in ASAP. Request, very strongly, a replacement bag rather than having LV replace the piping. LV repairs take from 6-10 weeks. Plus, if you had LV put on "new" piping, it wouldn't match the piping and handles on the rest of the bag.
  10. OMG.. what did you do??? :yes: I don't think it's easy fix... but let see what they say.. let us know.
  11. woah! that is bad! it just happened spontaneously one day?

    LV can definitely fix that and I hope they dont charge you anything. Good luck!
  12. WoW... :wtf: ... poor Speedy, hope they'll fix it for free... that's not normal!
  13. Eep - looks bad but certainly looks like an easy fix - just being the piping. Hope its a quick solution! Keep us informed and good luck on it.
  14. I am so sorry this happened.
  15. Never seen anything like that...WOW...it would be a going back to the store if it lived at my house...Good luck and let us know how you make out!!!