Speedy pillow

  1. hahaha, that is so cute!! thanks for sharing!
  2. Cute idea but I can get them to stuff paper for free at the LV boutique. Clever idea tho'.
  3. its really expensive though......still adorable!!!
  4. I saw those this morning clever, but I just use hubbies white t-shirts.
  5. I think that is a great idea!
  6. Wow great idea, thanks for sharing. I might get one of those i wonder would she do huge discount for 5 LOL
  7. That's so smart! :biggrin:
  8. That's genius!
  9. good idea but i wouldnt pay $25 just to stuff my bag. =T
  10. wow! I love the speedy pillow.
  11. I know what you all mean about the price. It's a bit much. I wouldn't pay $25 to stuff my bag either but I still like the idea!
  12. wow thats such a great idea. i wish they make one for each bag.
  13. Yes each bag should come with one & I wish that LV would stop folding the Speedy & give other than a flat dustbag for it!
  14. Nice idea, but pricey! I'd use old shirts!