Speedy perfo -- where to buy now?

  1. hi peeps

    i have desparately seeking a speedy perfo (doesnt matter what colour it is)

    i contacted lv and they said this line has been discontinued =[

    therefore, does anyone know where i can buy an aunthentic and real one? there are too many fakes around so i would much appreciate if anyone can help me

    am sooooo mad at myself for not purchasing when they came out - back then i thought they were ugly. HOW WRONG WAS I ??!!!!:cursing:
  2. eBay or let trade. make sure to post eBay auctions in Auth thread before place any bid :flowers:
  3. You can try Let-Trade.com or if you have doubts on one you see on eBay, you can feel free to post in the "Authenticate This Louis Vuitton" sticky under the "Louis Vuitton Shopping" section. :yes:
  4. try ebay or let-trade - fashionphile I've been looking for one as well
  5. Hi there.

    I have one that I wish to sell.
    The color is pink and it's in very good condition.

    If you want we could authenticate it on the forum and make the transaction through ebay.

    Not sure if I am violating any forum rules here.
    If I am please ignore/delete my post.

    Thank you.
  6. ^^^I think you are violating the rules as you are not allowed to sell items on tpf unless you are approved for the marketplace. You can read all of the tpf rules on the main page, I hope that helps and answers your questions.

  7. Yes, email to let-trade or found it on eBay.
  8. Alot of authentic ones pop onto ebay, good luck!
  9. Also, or else, Let-trade is a good site too!

  10. hi there

    can you pm me with the pictures, details of its use and the price please =]

    many thanks
  11. .
  12. i'm lookig for one too! i really want to buy one! please help!
  13. ebay/let-trade
  14. You are not allowed to trade on here