speedy peeling question

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  1. i was looking old threads about the sarah wallet and in one i just saw that LV fix for free a peeling on a 9 months sarah wallet.

    my de speedy 35 is less than a year and is peel on two corners. will lv repair it?
    btw my handbag is hot stamped. (it doesnt matter, right?)
    ps: (sorry about my english, i hope u undestand me).
  2. Do you have pictures to show the peeling?
  3. My iphone do not focus well the second one.
    Will lv repair it for free?
    image-373396496.jpg image-1969474366.jpg
  4. or thats normal?

    sorry im now worry for my speedy:sad:
  5. It looks like you may have rubbed it up against a wall or something. I'm not sure if they will repair that for free. It looks like just normal wear and tear
  6. thank you so much!
  7. That's a different kind of peeling. The peeling on wallets is from glazing which they can easily reglaze. The peeling on piping is the top layer of leather.. which cannot be repaired. It can only be replaced... which costs $$.