Speedy owners- the lock puts dents in the tab

  1. I don't know if anyone else has this problem but I only put the lock on my speedy when I carry it so the hole in the tab doesnt get stretched out but I noticed that the way the lock rests on the tip of the tab causes a dent near the tip of the tab (caused by the tab resting against the top horizontal part of the lock). Anyone else have this problem? How can I fix it? I tried placing the lock so that part doesnt rest against the top but after carrying it awhile the lock falls back into that place and creates a deeper dent.
  2. i just keep my lock on my speedy. its turning a bit black and wore down but i think thats naturally and gives the purse a more "vintage" feel which i absolutly adore!
  3. I have the same problem. I have been switching bags on a rotational basis every two weeks. This does not solve the problem, but I hope it slows it down.
  4. i think its natural for the leather tab to dents, i mean come on that lock is pretty heavy and that leather tab is pretty light and puny compared to the lock, its going to turn black and dent...
  5. I don't use the locks on my bags...the tabs stay beautiful. I leave the locks in their original box unless the sales associate puts them on the tabs when they are wrapping it up...then I will remove them once i get home and store them in a box.
  6. I only carry the lock on the tab when it's out, otherwise i store the lock inside the flap pocket - so no dents for me, yet !
  7. I love the locks, to me they add character to the bag. You can keep the hole from turning black if you clean the lock once a month or so. I have learned from being on TPF that plain old cheap tooth paste cleans & shines the hardware right up.
  8. I leave the lock on mine also..my mom's vintage 30 that I have has never had the lock off but the dent isn't that bad.
    I just leave them on and agree with taco-they add character :heart:
  9. All this talk about locks on a speedy, I just went and got mine out for the week.
  10. Yea, I noticed the dent on my tab too but since it's a damier speedy, there's no black marks =)

    I've started storing the lock inside the pocket though when I dont use the purse
  11. i noticed that too so i quickly take it out and only use the lock when needed.
  12. I think that this part of the wear and tear process. My speedy 30 mono is 4 years old and even though not much used, it is starting to show some wear, ie darkening of the handles etc. I actually like this better than the brand new look. The wear of the bag makes it feel more like my bag and I am enjoying it more now than ever. I hated the just bought look so much I would only carry it occasionally.:supacool:
  13. Thanks for the input everyone! It's nice to know I'm not the only one with this problem. My speedy is only 2 months old but it already has a pretty darn good patina thanks to me taking it to Vegas for a few days where is 100*+ and then Palm Springs for a week where its about 110* and then forgetting it in the car for about half an hour when it was so hot out! I'm kicking myself for forgetting as I like to keep the leather light for as long as possible. Time to whip out the shinning monkey! =D I think I'm going to keep the lock off when i don't use the bag. The dent just bugs.
  14. I'm the same. I don't use the locks at all. Maybe when my speedy gets more patina and have been used more I would.
  15. i also put the lock in the tab. love it. i don't really mind bout the dents though :P