Speedy owners... hand or arm?

  1. My beautiful speedy 25 is usually propped up on my arm because I'm scared of getting the handles dirty.
    But I've been seeing a lot of speedies around mostly held by their handles.
    So how do YOU prefer to carry yours? :p
  2. Prefer it on the crook of my arm. Like you, I'm afraid of getting the handles dirty.
  3. arm but by the handle if my hands are really dry or wearing gloves, lol.
  4. Mine usually ends up around my elbow, just because I need my hands free
  5. When I had my speedy I carried it on my arm. I didn't want to get the handles dirty. I carry my Manhattan like that too, actually every "hand-held" bag I always carry on the arm.
  6. Both - I have Damier Speedy so no worries about dirty handles!
  7. Both.
  8. I like to carry it by hand mostly, it feels better to me that way....b/c to position it at the arm, makes me lift my arm up and it seems un-natural to me somehow....
  9. Arm... most of the time, more comfortable IMO.
  10. both... but i carry it on my arm more often
  11. Usually the arm for me.
  12. mostly arm, but definitely both.
  13. i just like the way it looks handheld. but inevitably, i end up with it in the crook of my arm! i dont worry about the handles though.
  14. Arm....
  15. I use my 30 both ways