Speedy Owners . . . A Question?

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  1. I just got Damier Speedy 25 yesterday! (Thanks to everyone here for helping me decide on the size.) I am so in :heart: . It's really even better in person. Since this is my first Speedy, I was wondering what is the best way to display the lock and the key on the bag? I guess the lock could hang on the little flap with the key in the lock. But I am afraid the key will fall out or get lost.

    What do you all think? Thanks!
  2. I just have the lock hanging off that little leather flap on the end. I keep the keys at home, otherwise I would probably lose them.
  3. sorry, double post
  4. yup me too but i have a key on my keys and a key in the inside pocket
  5. me too
  6. Good advice from everyone. Thanks! I'll just leave the lock hanging and the keys at home or in the purse. :smile:
  7. Same here :smile: I still have the keys in the box.
  8. I keep the key and lock off. I've seen bags where the hole for the lock is stratched out and black so I have a kitty swarovski charm in place. Much lighter so no stretching the leather tab.
  9. I have the lock hanging from the tag and the keys at home in the original box, afraid of losing them if I leave them hand from the lock
  10. My lock is really tarnished now, so I think I'm probably gonna take it off and put something else in its place. My keys are safely in my desk drawer :smile:
  11. I just have the lock on that little tab and one key at home, the other in my purse. I just got my Damier Speedy 25 last week, and I love it! Congratulations on a great bag!
  12. I have the lock through the little tab at the end, and the keys locked into the lock.
  13. I have my lock in the tab, I have one key locked to the lock and the other key inside the dusbag so I don't lose it.
  14. i hang my lock where the base of the handles are... the key i leave @ home...
  15. Me too!