Speedy over a winter coat?

  1. I did a search and didn't find much, other than people seem to use speedys all year long. I just tried on a speedy 30 today, and was wearing a denim jacket over a sleevelss shirt, so just the denim was on my arm, and when I put the bag in the crook of my elbow, it felt tight, and I was wondering how you all fit it over a sweater and heavy coat in the winter?

    I am 5'5" and 130ish....

    Any experiences you can share?
  2. I have no problems fitting my speedy over my winter coat...
  3. My speedy might not feel entirely over my new winter coat... but i would just hold it in my hand then :yes:
  4. Most LVs go with just about any outfit.
  5. i think my speedy fits over my coat??
  6. Just carry it in your hand then.
  7. LOL, I know, it's logical! It's just that I work part-time and have a computer bag too, so like to have my hands somewhat free. And when I'm not working, I have 3 kids, age 6 and under...I love the bag, but I'm worried that I'll never get used to an arm bag!
  8. I did it last year when I got my Miroir Speedy..I wore it over my big Juicy Couture coat and it worked well.
  9. i suppose it depends what type of coat you wear in the winter...if you wear some sort of fitted, wool coat I think you'd be fine, but if you'll be wearing one of those down bomber jackets or something it might be best hand-held...not sure if you're thinking of the mono or the damier, but personally, if it were winter, and I had 3 kids I'd probs be more likely to use a different purse (with the winter salt, kids with boogies coming out of their noses, lotion on my hands from dry winter) and save my mono for the other 3 seasons. But that might just be because I'd worry to much about dirtying it :rolleyes: and you'd want to use something practical when you've got 3 kids to bundle up and keep track of.
  10. here are pics of mine. You and I have about the same measurements. In these pics I am wearing my winter jacket with a sweater underneath it (it gets pretty cold where I live). It's a down jacket, but mind you it's kinda old so it's not that puffy (hence the sweater underneath it). OH, and it's a speedy 35. I don't think it makes a difference cuz they're all the same handles anyway.

    I think as long as your jacket has some "give" in the arms you wouldn't have a problem using it with a winter coat. It does get a bit uncomfortable but for the most part it's OK.
    DSC03447.JPG DSC03449.JPG DSC03451.JPG
  11. You'll get used to it. I have 2 kids under the age of 5. I've carried a speedy since I gave birth to my first child 5 1/2 years ago. To me, a handheld bag is actually easier with kids than a shoulder bag. I kept dealing with shoulder bags slipping off when dealing with the kids.
  12. Then carry it in your hand! Make it work girl! ;)