Speedy organizers that are less structured

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  1. Hey everyone!

    For those who own a Speedy, do you have a favorite organizer that helps maintain some of the bag's sag? I honestly prefer the sag of the Speedy over a very rigid boxy shape. I mostly carry just LV and Chanel SLG's, maybe a water bottle and some kids snacks, so nothing really heavy or bulky. Before I purchase a Speedy B 25, I want to see what organizer options I have. These are things that I'm looking for:

    - Allow the bag to have some sag (i don't want an organize that's super structured on the bottom)
    - Be able to have my LV and Chanel SLG's organized
    - A space for a small water bottle to keep upright
    - An organize that covers the bottom and sides so protect the interior lining

    I love the look of the Samorga organizer, but that seems to keep the bag too boxy for my liking. Purse Bling has too narrow of an opening. I wish there was something in between!
  2. I don't have mine yet, but I ordered the Samorga one - it's made of felt, so very soft and pliable and lightweight. It shouldn't make the bag look structured. I'll let you know when I get it - but I just ordered it and apparently it takes about a month to get them!
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  3. Thanks, kcoach! What size Speedy do you have? And which Samorga organizer are you getting?

    I saw some YouTube videos of the Speedy 25 with the matching Samorga and it seemed like a snug fit and looked too structured. I thought of maybe getting a smaller Samorga size and I wonder if that will help keep the bag looking less 'stuffed'
  4. I have several different organizers, various sizes and colors. I purchased all of them from pursebling.com, and I like them because they are soft (less structured), and provide pocket organization. There are many styles to choose from, and I mainly use the Purse to Go Pockets Plus in both of my Speedy 40 bags. The organizer protects the interior lining, it's light weight, and does not have a structured bottom nor a boxy shape. I chose the Jumbo size, (because the extra jumbo was a snug fit), and I still have room to spare inside my Speedy. I considered the Samorga, but the felt material seemed too stiff, structured, and boxy. Good luck in your search!
  5. I was considering the Purse to Go Pockets Plus too, do you have a picture of it in your Speedy? I'm curious to see how much of the bottom it covers, it looks so narrow
  6. I have the Speedy b 25 in DE. I got the organizer that is listed for that bag - it's the one that has the removable middle part - but I left it in and it's awesome!
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  7. I have the Samorga organizer and I love it. I use it not only in my Speedy, but in other bags as well. It did make the Speedy look boxy, but I decided to remove the detachable middle portion. Now it has a little sag and I'm very happy. However, with this model you won't have the round pocket to hold the bottle ( unless you write to them and request it ). I also own the Purse to Go organizer, which is very soft and the walls collapse with use. Hope this helps.
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  8. which purse to go organizer did you get? do you have a picture of it in your speedy?
  9. image.jpg
    I bought the Samorga Speedy 30 ( and also the Speedy 25) in cream. The one with the detachable center. Here is a picture of the 30:
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