Speedy organizer question

  1. I found a cool website when I was looking for alternatives to purseket and I found this: IslaPak Women's Handbag Organizer
    How do you think it would work in a speedy? Seems unique and interesting!
  2. I forgot to mention that these are pouches that fit in a handbag. They attach to each other with velcro, could this be a problem with the lining of the speedy?
  3. no suggestions, at all? I value your opinions so I will wait before ordering. This one or pursket? which is better in your opinion?
  4. I think that unless you have a lot of them put together, it will shift or flop over. The Purseket at least stays put around the perimeter of the Speedy giving you lots of space in the middle.
  5. that was one of my worries with this one.
  6. Do you think it would tip in the speedy 25? It looks kind of wide. I like that it comes with a pencil case. Does anyone have one of these?
  7. personally I do not like it sorry..it just seems plastic like blah...in my speedy 30 I have an agenda(sorry not an LV one), a pouchette accessoire attached to my d ring awesome takes up lots of space, pouchette groom wallet and it takes up enough space my bag looks great and not slouchy...
  8. also I find pusekets tacky but, that is just my opinion....
  9. It is a vinyl see through pocket thing lol so unfortunately it is plastic but I wonder if it would protect the bag better than a fabric item?
  10. Do you mind if I ask why you do not like the pursekets? It seems so many people on the PF love them. I am just curious.
  11. I have a purseket and love it. Love the organization and it gives the Speedy a little "shape". :flowers:
  12. I think it is the selection of materials and my grandma had something homemade in her bag like that...I am super picky so I like to fill my speedy with LV accesoires and no funky material purseket or plastic....the agenda gives my bag a flat bottom and great shape and the pouchette accessoire is awesome and big....that is just me hope I did not piss off any purseket fans I personally cannot stand them...grandma had a funky pink one...yikkkeees...I prefer the way I have set up my speedy...also the plastic thing looks cheap IMO whereas an agenda, p. assec. or make up bag are more classy...remember it is just my opinion and I am fussy:flowers:
  13. Hey no worries, I did ask for your opinion afterall;) I appreciate the help. I am looking for something because I have heard it is a difficult bag to keep organized.
  14. I should get my purseket this week. I think some of the materials used to make them look a little old fashioned. I ordered the red for my dami 30. I'll definitely post pics when I get it along with comments if I really like it or not.
  15. that's okay...it is my honest opinion...I would put neither in my bag...the way I have organized it is great and I love it and it is so classy with the pouch. assecc. and the groom wallet...I do need an LV agenda...the one I have now works...I just hate the colours and patterns of the pursekets and feel that they take away from the bag...the vinyl stuff is not me and over time that stuff looks dreadful...:heart: :heart: :heart: the way that I have set up my bag...good luck and find what works for you.....:flowers: