Speedy Organizer Insert?

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  1. I have seen some photo's on here with organizer's inside speedy's. The biggest thing that has turned me off about speedy's is that everything would fall to the bottom or I couldn't easily find my cell phone/keys. However, now that I have seen these organizers...I think I could really love a speedy with an organizer in it. Where does one find these wonderful organizers.
  2. Great! Thanks Mimi
  3. do a search for inserts/ organizers. There are some other brands as well. I have a chameleon one...and LOVE it!!!!
  4. you may also want to check out chameleon inserts.

    I prefer that than the other poster had suggested. I used to own one of those and it was a bit flimsy for my liking.. I like the chameleon more.
  5. I just got my VIP (very intelligente pocket) by Tintamar. It´s not that cheap, but great Quality, lots of Compartments and I really love, how organized my Bag is, and the best, changing Bags is sooooo easy! I´ll post Pics!
  6. Here we go, my Speedy 35 with the VIP Business Liner:


    Inside my Speedy 35








    That´s it! And I´ve never had such an organized Bag in my life:yahoo:Totally worth every Cent. Oh, and I got mine from here:

  7. ^^^^OMGosh that looks better than my Chameleon I need one!....really dig the zipper pocket
    .....but £30 WOW thats dear!
  8. Me too! They just started carrying an XL and XL Tall size that fit great in my Neverfull!


  9. ITA!!! it looks so much better than the chameleon! I like the material better.. sucks that it's from UK?

  10. I know!!! I wanted to order the XL Tall for my NF's but it only came in brown and black. =( I want the Red or Fuchsia.. the owner said they'll produce it in other colors in the summer.
  11. Great! Now I will keep checking back at their site because I really want a Fuchsia XL Tall!
  12. I have the smaller size in my 25 and love it also! Do you think the large/business size would fit in a 30?
  13. I've purchased an organizer from hippiegal, but I actually prefer the Joey Jr. organizers that I purchased. I can't remember where I first heard of them (in a magazine?), but they are FABULOUS. I have one in black and one in brown suede, and it makes switching bags a breeze. One day, I showed it to my SA; I was using the black one inside of my Monogramouflage Speedy. She loved it and called over other SAs to see it! :biggrin:


    Good Luck!