Speedy or Speedy... HELP!

  1. I can't decide on what speedy...... Mono or Damier or maybe even an epi!!! I really want to mandarin epi but it might be too old looking cause i am like...20..... so it might not be a good choice. then i thought about the damier..... but seems to me a lot of people i know has damier and i don't like having same bags as friends, so i am down with the mono.... but i still don't know.... i can always get the damier azur but my bf doesn't like the color...... see, this is stressing, maybe i shoudn't get a speedy... any other ideas? or maybe i should get a gucci or something..... Help!
  2. damier!
  3. Yeah the Damier is nice and you don't see it all over :yes:
  4. hey don't stress about getting an LV bag, very pleasurable experience :yes:
    You will never go wrong with a monogram Speedy 30
  5. OMG, plz don't tell me mandarin is old looking... I'm 21 and just won one on eBay :love:
    You can't go wrong w/ all of them, they are all gorgeous IMO. Let us know what you decide...
  6. Lol I don't think it is at all!! I have the Jasmin and it's gorgeous..it's a really fun color! I'm 21 also by the way :lol:
  7. There was recent pic of Raven with the Mandarine Speedy was there not? She's not exactly old.

    I'd go with Mono!
  8. Thanks guys, u guys are great~! I still haven't decided yet but i think the epi would be a closer win.... unless i can't find a good matching wallet to go with it....... my runner up will be the mono cause i just realize i can get the groom wallet along with the mono... YEYE $$$$$ (......) but yea.... now i have to decide on 30 or 25..... lalala more decisions and not to mention what wallet to go with the bag.....
  9. If possible, go to the store and try them on.
    How much do you carry w/ you? Also keep in mind which size would suit you better (w/ your height/weight)!
  10. I don't think a mandarin speedy would be old-looking at all. It is a beautiful color and not at all stuffy.

    I prefer the damier myself, but I wouldn't object to a mono, either. Most people have the opportunity to see them in real life, but I am having a harder time deciding for myself since there is no LV boutique near here. It is hard to get a feel for things online. But I am pleased that the mono pochette I received from let-trade isn't as "loud" as I thought it would be. It is fairly subtle, in fact.

    So I guess I just found a really long way of saying they are all good choices, but go with your heart. If you love the mandarin you will regret it if you choose something else.
  11. Damier..

    just go to the store and you will know which one suits you better..
    By teh way, mandarine is very fresh color..not for oldies at all..
  12. I have both the mono and the Damier - I love my mono one more, but am actually using the Damier one more right now because of bad weather. I really love the mono - but you can't go wrong with either one. I'm not a fan of epi, but that's just personal.
  13. I would get Damier as well. ;)
  14. Any speedy is a good speedy!
  15. I would go with epi or damier!