Speedy or Petit Noe

  1. Hi There,

    Need your advices ladies!

    I don't plan to use to use this on a daily basis, only on weekends...(shopping, party, etc)

    Which one would you get if you were me?

    Speedy 25 or Epi Noe?

    I like Noe more but hubby told me that speedy would suit me better...(I'm 30)Can you tell I don't trust him?:yes: :lol:

    Thank you in advance! :smile:
  2. I think you should go to the store and try them both on and get the one YOU like! It is your bag and you have to LoVe it! :smile:
  3. I would go for a Noe... that way, if your hands are full on the weekend, you can have your hands free and not have to worry about carrying the bag on the crook of your arm or holding it by hand. :tup:
  4. I prefer the Speedy but you should go in and try them both on and see which one you prefer.
  5. I LOVE both...but I really love the Noe!
  6. I like both ... and when I am torn between two bags (which is often), I go to the boutiques and try both on and see which I could really use ... or love! Good luck ... maybe hubby can buy both for you?:graucho: One now, the other for christmas?
  7. I personally like the speedy and how it stays in great shape after the years. The Noe is also pretty just not my style. I totally agree you should try both.
  8. Speedy!
    Definitely try them on!
  9. I really like both,but i say try them both out and see wich one you like best,for everyday use the speedy is not always better because you must really be used to the fact of having to use your arms to hold the bag.

    But the noe is really cute and lot less obvious or seen around.

    My vote is for the one you end up loving the most!!
  10. For shopping trips I like my noe because i can put it on my shoulder. I am 31 and have both and really love both. It depends on if you want a shoulder bag or a handheld bag. I have moods where I like to carry one handheld and vice versa. Yo u should try them on and see which one you like.
  11. I'm a speedy gal, especially because you can dress it up or down for the weekends. But it is a handheld and some people really dislike that aspect.

    If you're in love with the Noe you should get it. If you love it and feel confident with it that's going to show and you're going to look beautiful with it.
  12. I prefer the Speedy.
  13. I love them both and have had them both. The only problem with the noe is that I found I was constantly bumping into people whenever I was shopping since the bottom of the bag is so wide....but it is very pretty...I was absolutely no help at all...sorry. Like the others said, you should try them both and see which one screams your name.
  14. Speedy!!!
  15. noe hands down