Speedy or Papillon??

  1. Got the fever for another bag but this time it's a Damier. I just can't resist them. I'm very happy w/ my Manhattan but want something different also and not too big (I returned the Ribera MM). Anyway, choices are betw the Speedy 25 or Papillon 26. It's just gonna be for a errand-running kind of bag so no need for too much space. Anyway, should I hold out and impatiently wait or what? Help! TIA!
  2. I vote for the Speedy!!

    Let us know what you ultimately decide?
  3. i'll put in a vote for speedy! i totally love mine! :love: and if you get one, i'm sure you'll love yours too!

    keep us up-dated! and have fun shopping LV style!
  4. Speedy!!!!
  5. Speedy!!!!
  6. Sorry...didn't mean to post twice, although I am very enthusiastic about Speedys.
  7. Wow!!! Seems like a land slide!!! Ok (begrudgingly)...guess I'll impatiently wait! :smile: But I'll wait with baded breath!
  8. I had to post this in this thread too b/c I'm so excited (even though I already posted it some place else ;) ) but I just got off the phone w/ the LV in my area inquiring about the Damier Speedy. Guess it was my lucky day b/c they said they're getting 2 Speedy 25's in less than 2 weeks and I get one! Yeah for me!!!!!:biggrin: But in all the excitement, I forgot to ask how much damage this is going to cause me. Can anyone please tell me?
  9. Wow, that's really exciting, I can't wait to see pictures ! ;)

    I believe someone was quoted 600ish ? So it'll be under 700$.
  10. Ok well that's good news...think I can rest easy and probably look for a second job!;)
  11. I like the Papillon much better, in terms of aesthetics and comfort (the fact that you can put it over your shoulder, if only temporarily). But I guess you made up your mind already. :smile:
  12. yahoooooo - what size papillon do you have? while i can fit the papillon 26 on my shoulder, it's very uncomfortable, too close to my armpits, and I end up squishing the bag. Oh and I'm quite petite too! Though I've heard that the 30 fits on the shoulder fine.

    jasanna - wait for the speedy! though if I were to choose between the mono papillon or damier, I would go with damier.
  13. Oops! I should have said whether I was talking about the 30 or the 26...I was thinking of the 30.
  14. Jasanna....
    did you have a problem with the pocket buckles on your Manhattan bag? Did they break?
  15. Damier Speedy. I have the Papillon 26 and I love it, but I love the classic shape of the Speedy in Damier canvas. Very classy :biggrin: