Speedy or Papillon?

  1. Ok its my birthday coming up and my parents are going to get me a LV as a 15th birthday pressie. Budget is around $700, the Papillon 26 mono is so cute and a big plus is its a shoulder bag but it might be to bulky or wierd looking so any pics ???
    but then the speedy 30 is such a classic!! im not a huge fan of hand held bags but then im getting a neverfull as a gift for losing weight! so its a bit :confused1::confused1:
    What would you get? and has anyone got any pic of you wearing either bag thanks and how much can the papillon fit in it?

    p.s i already have a mc alma
  2. OMG, I too am getting a black mc alma this summer. But I would recomend the Papillon 30.:tup:
  3. The papillon 26 is small. It doesn't stay on the shoulder either. One of the straps always falls off. It doesn't hold too much, large wallet, makeup bag and cell. Anything else it's too tight a squeeze. I'd go for the speedy 30 if given the choice between that and the papillon 26.
  4. I say speedy. Not a huge pap lover though.
  5. personally speedy or papillon 30..
  6. I'd go for something different... the Papillon! It's such a cute bag that can be carried on your shoulder, the crook of your arm, or can be handheld! :yes:

    As for modeling pics, try searching in the Visual Aids thread.
  7. I love the speedy
  8. i like the papillon, it's very french - which is a good thing. i want to get a pomme bedford (same as papillon) to take with me when i visit the south of france.
  9. I like the speedy much better. I have the pap 26 and lost interest in it pretty fast. It doesn't stay on your shoulder and I felt it was kind of a pain to get my stuff in and out.
  10. If I were you, I would get a Papillon 30 as the birthday gift and then get a less expensive accessory or small bag as the losing weight gift (since the pap 30 would go over your $700 limit...you could get the pap 30 and a $400 or $500 accessory for the combined amount of the gifts you were thinking of getting).

    I find the Papillon 26 to be kind of stubby-looking (that's why I got a Papillon 30). The Papillon 30 is also easier to get in and out of than the 26 (you should play with it in the store first, though...some people find the zipper to be irritating). It holds a nice amount of stuff and comes with the cute little mini pap. It's pretty easy to carry on your shoulder if you do the thing where you cross the handles and use one strap on your shoulder (hard to describe!:push:smile:.

    Good luck!
  11. i think the speedy is better. I'm not a fan of the papillon. You won't ever get bore.d of the speedy
  12. speedy get my vote.
  13. both are great bags but if i have to pick one it will have to be the speedy.
  14. I would get a speedy. I have both in 30. I have used my Papillon about a dozen times in two years. It still looks new. Its just not user friendly (to me) as I like to carry a lot with me.
  15. Both are beautiful bags! But my vote goes for the papillon. Just because it's different. The Speedy is so nice (I have one) but seriously EVERYONE has a speedy... go for the papillon!