Speedy or Pallas tote?

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  1. Good morning. I'm asking for a friend (I know that sounds suspicious) who is not a TPF member. She has the choice of a Speedy 30 in DE or a Pallas tote in mono. I have not owned either bag. Which would you recommend?
    She already has a Jersey and a Neo Noe.
  2. Lots of variables to consider - condition, price, whether she would like a hand-held bag, etc. Having said that, the Speedy 30 in DE will always get my vote. It is classic, carefree, and beautiful.
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  3. Speedy B 30. She already has a zippered tote.
  4. i might be biased but i would recommed speedy B. but 30 can get slouchy. pallas looks to me a structured bag. so if she prefers structured bag she can go for pallas. i personally love the unstructured look of speedy.
  5. Thanks for all of your input. She will be getting the bag from her sister, both are brand new.
    She would like a shoulder bag option, but thinks she can use the long strap from her Jersey for the Speedy.
  6. I have both bags and like them both. I would probably take the speedy.....
  7. I have both. Pallas has more detail...soft lining, exterior pockets and pleated sides. Pallas is my vote.
  8. I have both. Pallas is definitely more confortable and more detailed.
  9. She chose the Pallas. Thanks for everyone's input.
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