Speedy or Palermo? Please help!

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Everyday bag

  1. Monogram Canvas Speedy 30

  2. Monogram Canvas Palermo GM

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  1. Hi everyone, I'm trying to decide between either the Monogram Speedy 30 or the Palermo GM.

    I got the Palermo first (I loved how it looked on brandy in the celebrities thread), but then thought it was a little too big (I'm 5'3" 115lbs) so I exchanged it for the Monogram Speedy 30 today. But when I got home I started to miss being able to put the purse over my shoulders.

    My small collection of Louis bags consist of a white MC Priscilla, Monogram Popincourt haut, damier ebene trevi pm, damier graphite icare and a azur stressa gm. I realized I didn't really have a handheld everyday bag to run errands with so that's why I exchanged it. But I think the Palermo gm has a nicer style to it. Not as common at least.

    Please let me know what you think.

    Thanks in advance
  2. I think the Palermo will be a nice addition to your collection.
  3. Palermo PM !!!
  4. I think that the Speedy is the better choice.
  5. Palermo GM is so chic. I love that bag.
  6. palermo- there are more ways to wear it and it's a bit more special because not as many people have it as opposed to the speedy. GL!
  7. If it's for everyday and you're concerned about ease of use, definitely Palermo! It's such a great shape and convenient with the shoulder strap! Plus it's not as common as the Speedy. I love the Speedy but if you have the means for the Palermo, I would choose Palermo GM five times over!
  8. I have both and say you need both. Get the Palermo GM first and then the Speedy.
  9. Palermo!!! It's such a beatiful bag.
  10. Speedy
  11. I'll have to agree with the others get the Palermo GM. Because you can put it on your shoulders. Then later get the Speedy.
  12. Palermo :smile:
  13. Palermo PM or buy a strap for the speedy.
  14. I have both and Love them !!!! The Palermo is nice if you are on a trip or an all day shopping trip, because of the long strap!!
  15. Palermo. You will inevitably get a Speedy to add to your collection, so wait until it's the one that you absolutely love.