Speedy or Noe?

  1. Since LV will be discontinuing the mandarin color in the epi collection I now need to buy one. I've been planning on buying a mandarin bag eventually but now I'm going to get crackin. The question is do I go with the Speedy 25 or the Petit Noe? I already have a mono speedy 30 and I don't have any noes? Opinions please.
  2. mand. speedy !
  3. Even though I like noe more than speedy, I would go for the speedy in epi mandarin. Very chic! Good luck and enjoy it!
  4. Tough, I have both and love them equally. They're both gorgeous in mandarin...since you have a speedy already, maybe try a noe?
  5. This is a tough choice. I love the mandarin Speedy.
  6. If you own a speedy already go for the Noe.
  7. another speedy-but in epi or damier
  8. Really tough choice..........I say the Noe.
  9. Noe
  10. Speedy...breathtaking color on such a beautiful bag!
  11. Speedy!! I just saw my first Mandarin Speedy in person and it was TDF!!!
  12. Noe !
  13. The Mandarin Speedy gets my vote.
  14. Speedy
  15. oh the mandarin speedy is to die for!