Speedy or no speedy? ahh!!

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  1. So I've always love the speedy mono 30 but I dont know if I should get a bag that everyone already has:shrugs: ..I already have the azur speedy 25.

    What do you guys think I should do? Should I get it or get another mono bag? any ideas?

    This picture of katherine mcphee and her speedy is what made me want it more..[​IMG]
  2. get it!!!!! is that a 25 or a 30???
  3. katharine's is a 30... i love the mono 30... get it!
  4. I love my Mono Speedy 25. Its so beautiful!!!!!!!!!
  5. yes same thing to me...i saw Hilary carrying speedy 30 that made me want one now...but I want to get an Azur speedy first. I will say go for it if u can afford it.^^
  6. As much as I am a little tired of hearing about Speedy's... it's a great bag to add to a collection! ;)
  7. ITA, John!
  8. Get it!

    I waited until I had two other Speedys and then finally caved in and got the mono 30. Somehow it just made my collection complete. OK well not complete since now I want an epi Speedy. :graucho:
  9. I love Speedies. Get a Damier or Mini Lin?
  10. if you really like it, go get it.....
  11. yea i agree!!

    get the 30 then cuz u alrady have the 25:smile:
  12. I think you could allways use a speedy. I have three different ones, and I love them all and think they are each unique from the other, the Speedy 30 is a FAB bag..
  13. Get what you want! I'm personally not a fan of the speedy, but you shouldn't be worried about how other people think or how common the speedy is. If you love it, go for it!
  14. If you love it, get it! I love mine!!
  15. Get it.