Speedy or Neverfull?

  1. I've been saving up for my very first LV bag and I have put myself already on the wait list for the Neverfull since it's the newest design here in my corner of the world. I have been reading blogs such as this one and I keep encountering entries about Speedy being such a nice bag also (though what bothers me is it sags).

    Please help me decide. Any input from other purseblog members would be highly appreciated!
  2. Go for the neverfull
  3. I say the Speedy for a first LV handbag!
  4. just last week, i was in the same boat as you are now. i listed for the neverfull and checked it out in the store. I was not that impressed with it though, it's something that I would buy sometime but not for a first LV purchase. Besides it (neverfull) doesn't have much structure either. The Damier Speedy 30 I got however has such an understated elegance to it that makes it worthy for a first LV purchase...My husband and the SA thought so too...It would be better if you check it out yourself in the store, that way you get the "feel" of them both which would definitely help you decide...
  5. Agree, I prefer Neverful :smile:
  6. The lack of zip swayed me towards the Speedy!
  7. Visit my blog. I purchased the Neverfull. It's a great bag but a lot of tpfers have mentioned complaints about bleeding lining into the vachette or the misaligned seam of the left side. I ended up returning it to acquire a Speedy 30 which I really, really love. It's a House Icon so you're in good company. Goodluck with your first LV purchase.
  8. Speedy :tup:
  9. Speedy all the way. You can use it all year long. It was my first LV and I still love it after 15 years.
  10. Go for neverfull.!...The speedy you can buy later on since this designed will never been ending up...Neverfull is the newest model, some people will notice that you are wearing a new arrival and Believe me you will get many compliments from this bag....Sometime it feels great LOL if we hear compliments from left and right:yes: due to still some of them haven't notice that LV has released the new bag....especially wheres your country is not available yet at the LV store, it will make you more proud to wear...Good Luck !
  11. HI! On June 18th I purchased my first LV bag, which was a Mono Speedy 25. I followed the advice of other tPFers and cut the flap of the eluxury box it came in (I did my ordering online) and put it in the bottom of the bag and it has kept its shape so far. I really don't think it will ever sag with that bit of cardboard at the bottom. I love this speedy!
  12. The Speedy is a classic. :heart:Get a Purseket and it will give more structure to the bag if you don't want the sag. I have one in my Speedy 25. I think the Neverfull is more like a tote, rather than a handbag. It can serve many purposes, however...shopping, plane trips (gosh you can really fill up the GM!) etc. But I haven't jumped on the Neverfull wagon yet. Thinking about it.:rolleyes:

  13. Speedy, it is the perfect first bag!
  14. speedy. i LOVE mine!
  15. I prefer speedy. Neverfull is open top and I'm not safe with it :p. Do consider will u prefer a handheld or shoulder bag when deciding :smile:. (p.s. it seems that neverfull will be released in damier/ azur too in future)