Speedy or Gucci?

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  1. The link doesn't show a Gucci bag.

    How about the Idylle Speedy? It comes with a strap :smile:

    Or if you really love the Mono speedy you could buy the vachetta strap for it.
  2. I'd go for the Ebene speedy with a matching strap
  3. speedy
  4. Montorgueil so you can wear it upon your shoulder.
  5. Thanks! I like the Montorgueil but I don't prefer the monogram. Is that the only style? So there is a strap available for the speedy, that definitely helps!!
  6. for some reason, i never like any of gucci bags.
  7. Yeah...I am not a fan of them really either. I just like the convenience of this one and the strap. I have a chanel bag that I never use because it has no strap. Now that I have children I am scared I will set it down and forget about it!
  8. There is no strap available for the Speedy per se. LV does sell straps for other bags that came with a strap in the first place. If you really want to buy the strap, at the boutique, just be careful not to say that you'll be using it for the classic Speedy. I got a whole shpiel about the strap not being part of the company's vision for the bag, that's why there are no d-rings on it. It worked cuz I felt like I was committing LV sacrilege after hearing that! I tried ordering over the phone too and I got the same lecture, hahaha
  9. The link shows a Marc Jacobs bag.
  10. Hands down speedy of course.
  11. i don't like gucci..so speedy it's always the right choice :biggrin:
  12. Speedy
  13. Speedy hands down!!! Not just because this is an LV thread, LV is timeless in it's classic styles with Damier and Monogram Canvas. Gucci has lovely bags BUT... very seasonal and become outdated. I would choose the bag that is a true investment as well all fashionable from years previous and years to come. :biggrin:
  14. You're asking in the LV forum, so of course everyone will say Speedy!