speedy or BV with a laptop

  1. This would be my first LV bag, and might be my last. I really like your suggestions.

    I am 34, working in an institute, and people aroud me do not have expensive bags. I carry a laptop everyday, and sometimes take many stuffs for sports on my way home. Personally, I prefer shoulder bag, but i feel difficult to carry both a shoulder bag and a computer. Besides BV has no zip top. So i narrow down to speedy(damier).

    I am 5.5 tall and 58Kg. I am hesitating for a 25 or 30 mono or damier speedy, i like the roomy of 30, but find 25 cuter in damier. Also i like the low maintainance of damier but a more younger look of mono. Or should i stick to BV and put my laptop in it(14', 2.8kg)? I know i am quite picky, but i really want to make a good decision. thanks
  2. i think if you want to carry your laptop in a bag the speedy is not the way to go, i cant get an a4 fold in my damier speedy 30 (which sucks because im at university!)

    a shoulder bag would be the best way to go, when i had a BH i didnt notice the fact that it didnt have a zipper, its stands up so straight when i put it down on the floor it totally supported itself. Prehaps one of the Damier bags will fit ur laptop, i think its called a Hampstead?
  3. Speedy and laptop is not a good idea IMHO... the sagging, plus too much weight on the handles.

    Definitely a shoulder bag... like BH or BV. Have you considered a Neverfull? They can hold a lot and the handles can resist the weight.
  4. I don't think she wants to put her laptop in the bag from what I read of the post. She's looking for a bag to carry with her laptop, but correct me if I'm wrong - it's a little confusing.

    I agree, if you're already carrying the laptop that a shoulder bag would be a lot of things on your shoulder. I would recommend a Damier Speedy, but at 5'5" I think the 25 would be too small looking, like a toy kind of. I think a Damier or Mono Speedy 30 would be perfect. I do like the Batignolles Horizontal though a lot and it is big enough to carry a laptop and some other things, wallet, etc., so that might work for everything. My two daughters both have the BH and I know the one that is in college carries her lap top, cell phone, wallet and cosmetic bag all in it and just loves it.
  5. Well if you want something to fit your latptop in you're going to have to go with the BV. I would maybe just put a small piece of cardboard in the bottom so that your bag doesnt sag.

  6. thanks a lot for your reply.

    maybe i did not make myself clear. I mean either i carry a laptop on one shoulder with a speedy in the other hand, or i put the laptop in the shoulder-bag like BV.

    Last time when i went to the LV boutique, the sales told me that it would be too heavy for the BV to hold the laptop. Is this true? For the Neverfull, it seems not stuctured and the handle seems too thin.
  7. BV for sure!!!!
  8. Go with Neverfull... I have the MM and stuffed my bag everyday. The more I stuffed, the better the bag looks.. LOL. The thin straps do not dig in my shoulder if you're worrying about that. I will try to post a pic of it later if you want to. I carry a LOT so it sure equivelant to the weight of your laptop! :p
  9. How about a Babylone? They are discontinued, but a lot of the stores still have them. They are structured on the bottom, VERY sturdy and can hold a laptop and a lot of other things. My other daughter uses the babylone daily with a laptop.
  10. cheweyvy, it would be nice if you can post the photo of your neverfull. thanks
  11. charleston-mom, thanks for your suggestion, just do not like the vachetta on the bottom.
  12. I'd go for the shoulder bag (laptop) and handheld (speedy) combo, this is what I usually do when I go to school ! :yes:

    BTW, go for the 30, you may find it a little too large at first, but you will learn to appreciate and grow into the space !
  13. If your laptop is not heavy then I'd go with the BV, if it is then go with the Damier Speedy 30 (less maintenance and doesn't scream LV esp. for your workplace). Maybe you can buy a briefcase type bag that has a zipper closure for laptop, that way it'd protect it more.
  14. i bought the bh specifically for carrying my laptop to class, and it works great!
  15. Ok! going to snap some photos now... brb :smile: