Speedy or BH

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Which for everday?

  1. Speedy 35 or 40

  2. BH

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I am thinking of getting a speedy and could use your input. I like a large bag and I really like to carry on my arm. I'm about 5'6" and probably considered on the small size of plus size. anyway, what size speedy would u suggest? I've always been a monogram fan and have plenty of monogram accessories but do you also suggest the speedy in mono or something else? Do you have easy access to ur things inside? Sorry, I don't have a store nearby and can only look online. Does anyone use a purseket inside their speedy?

    This will be for an everyday bag...I'm a casual type person. Also what do you think of the speedy vs. the BH?
  2. I have both, and would pick the Speedy- However, the mono neverfull is a great everyday bag, and very casual-
  3. I have a Speedy 35, which I use as an everyday type of bag. It's great and holds everything that I need. I don't have the BH, but I'm sure it's a great bag.
  4. Do you think the Stresa is kinda like a speedy with shoulder straps?
  5. sppedy
  6. Speedy and yes, I always use a pursket in mine.
  7. I like the looks of the Stressa too, but some of the ladies on the forum have mentioned the strap on it being kind of annoying. So I am staying away from this bag....at least for now;) The Speedy is a GREAT everyday bag, but then again, so is the Galliera:biggrin:
  8. Speedy 35
  9. I am voting BH, Speedy is fab but if you want to wear it with ease, the BH as a shoulder bag is roomy and comfy to wear.
  10. I have both, but get the speedy first!
  11. I have both and I prefer my Speedy 30. :tup: I use a HippieGal Shaper in my Speedy 30. It's fantastic and keeps the shape perfect. I like my BH and it is made very well but for some reason I just love that I can put so much stuff inside my Speedy 30 and it still looks so tiny. Ironically, the same amount of stuff inside my BH just looks stuffed. :shocked: Strange, eh? :shrugs:
  12. Of the two, I prefer the Speedy 35. I had the BH and sold it. But I did buy it to use as a small tote for work and that did not work out and I do not like the BH as a hand bag.
  13. I would say speedy 35 as it's what I am planning to get!
  14. Thank u all for ur help-I do think I am going with the speedy 35. I'll post my reveal when she comes in:woohoo:
  15. Good choice- go with the Speedy! I have a 30 and the BH. I use the BH more as a tote bag for work but I use my Speedy as my everyday bag!