Speedy or Alma?

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  1. Okay, I'm finally ready to buy another LV bag. But I don't know what to get :huh: I want something classic from LV that I could have for a long time ...
    Speedys are beautiful and from what I've heard is a must have bag for any purse (LV) collectors. But I just don't like the fact that the bottom of the bag sags since it doesn't have a structured bottom like the Alma bag. I've seen girls wear Speedys that have a sagging bottom and it's just not attractive.
    I would appreciate your help! Thanks. :biggrin:
  2. I know what you mean about the speedy. That's always bugged me, and why I've never gotten it. Although I don't like the Alma that much either. Sorry, I'm no help!
  3. i like the alma a million times better in damier than monogram, so if you like damier, i'd say go for that, but if you like monogram, i'd say speedy. the 25 doesn't sag nearly as much as the 30 and a purseket (purseket.com, i've heard the medium size recommended for speedies) distributes your stuff to the edges of the bag, which helps eliminate sag in either bag (it won't do it entirely in the 30, but it'll help a ton).
  4. if you like the speedy and worry about sag, why don't you consider it in the epi line?:idea: This sags less....
    Anyways, both speedy and alma are classic....I think there was another thread awhile ago with sameone facing the same dilemma:P
  5. I like the trouville better than both of them. But if you already have a trouville, I would say the speedy just because it is so classic and holds a lot.
  6. i like the deauville better than the trouville...the trouville seemd a lot smaller than i expected.
  7. I'm a Speedy fan :biggrin: I have a vintage one and the sagging isn't that bad. I like the damier Alma, but I don't like it in the monogram canvas.
  8. As the owner of both, I tend to wear Speedy more often. Alma is more of a dressy bag IMO. I used to prevent speedy's bottom from sagging by placing a magazine on the bottom.
  9. If you don't mind Cristina, could you post a pic of your vintage Speedy? I'm curious to see how it looks when it ages. And also, I know you have a few Balenciaga bags, I'm going to So-cal in 2 weeks and I want one along with either a speedy or an Alma. Which stores carry Balenciagas besides NM? Thanks a lot!!!
  10. Here is a photo of the Speedy. I don't have one of me carrying it, so you can see just exactly how much it sags.

    I only have one Balenciaga bag, that I got this past Friday. I actually won mine from eBay after posting the auction here and getting a thumbs up on authenticity. Unfortunately, I don't know of any stores in SoCal that sell Balenciaga, but I think a few other girls are in that area and can help you. I know that Bob Ellis and Gretta Luxe carry Balenciaga, but I don't think either of those stores are in Cali. Before buying mine on eBay, I was considering purchasing from Barneys New York or the Balenciaga store in New York, but I got a great deal :biggrin:

  11. Cristina is that a 25?
  12. i like the alma better in the damier style.
    however, i have been eyeing the speedy. the magazine at the bottom does sound like a good idea.
  13. Yes :biggrin:
  14. Speedy for me too ;) I have the 30 and love it :love:
  15. speedy...the alma only looks good in damier.