Speedy on vacation

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  1. I'm having a dilema. I bought a wonderful mono speedy 25 with the primary purpose of being a great travel purse and now I am a bit paranoid to take it on vacation with me. I am going to Hawaii and the thoughts of having my speedy near sunscreen, rain, airplane floors, everything! is freaking me out a little.....ok maybe a lot. Ah the vachetta still so pristine! I feel bad though because I really want to take it, I just don't want any negative consequences. Hawaii was the place where I discovered my love of designer goods, so I want to take the Speedy to it's 'birth place.' I would love it if anyone would share their good or bad LV travel stories:yes:
  2. I would take your speedy for shopping and eating out... and take another bag for your beach days and what not... just an idea
  3. I been to hawaii lots of time and I just recently came back frm hawaii. I think ur speedy will be ok at hawaii as long as you take a small purse too.
    When you head out to nice places or even visiting lv store I would take the speedy, but for anything else like beach, pool, site seeing ill take the other purse. Just put ur speedy in a hotel room safe. Just be careful with it n it should be good.
  4. You'll regret not taking it if you don't, so I would. At the end of the day, the bag is there to be used and it just needs to be broken in.
  5. bring your bag but just becareful with it. You bought the bag to be used so use it!
  6. Enjoy!! I had my mono speedy 25 for a couple years before I brought her on a trip...and took her to Vegas earlier this year...did great!

  7. ITA! :tup: you bought the speedy and you should be able to enjoy her to it's fullest! especially during times when you would be most relaxed and happy ^_^ just make sure that baby is safe when you head on out to the beach to soak up the sun and possibly check out the hotties over there :graucho:. tee hee have fun and make sure to post pics!
  8. You have to bring her when you go, you'll regret it later if you don't. Just make sure to bring either a tote bag/beach bag with you, so she doesn't have to see any type of sand/water. Also make sure to put a plastic bag inside of your speedy just in case it rains! Have fun on your trip and I'm so jealous you get to go to Hawaii! :flowers:
  9. Would You Guys Take It To Vietnam!?
  10. I think bags are meant to be used. Of course you should take it. :tup:

    The Speedy 25 wouldn't be of much use as a beach bag anyway, so just use a tote for that.

    Have a great trip :flowers:
  11. Hey machq35!
    Do you have that dog in your avatar? I have one of those :girlsigh: she's such a cutie! (especially when she was a puppy)
  12. I went to Aruba last year and I did not take any of my expensive bags, I took my coach bags one messenger and one small hobo. The messenger was used the most because it was hands free.
  13. I say take it and use it for sunscreen-free areas like going out at night or shopping, etc. I would take a different bag for the beach, etc. Good luck. I think you should definitely take it with you! You'll be sad if you don't!
  14. Definitely take it. It will just make your bond with her stronger. :smile:
    She's meant to travel!
  15. I have taken my Speedy on vacation a few times. It works great as a travel bag. You should take her or you will regret it. Just be sure to bring a cheaper back up bag for use on the beach or poolside. Once she gets broken in you won't be as paranoid about using her. And what better place to break her in than Hawaii?!