Speedy on a Male

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  1. Hey guys...I recently got the idea that a Speedy could be used as a man bag...and after buying the 30 I am now having doubts...any ideas???
  2. I think the larger ones may be better on men.. but the straps are kind of small so it would have to be handheld all the time.

    Here's a picture of Snoop Dogg modeling the 30 for you, it doesn't really do it for me on a man.

  3. I think that the Speedy definitely can be used as a man bag - in fact several of the male members on this forum own a Speedy, and I actually want a Speedy 40 myself! :biggrin:

    I think that if you are confident, you can pull off whatever bag you like! Do you have any pics of you holding it? We'd be able to tell you whether it looks odd or not - although i'm sure it doesn't! :flowers:

    If you look at this recent thread :http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton/brand-new-bag-240840.html Louislover260 bought himself a Speedy 40 and it doesn't look weird at all. In the picture above of Snoop Dogg he isn't very well dressed so I wouldn't take that as a definitive pic of a guy carrying a Speedy.
  4. How repulsive. How could someone leave their home dressed like that?

    For me, I would never buy a Speedy - It's Vuitton's signature piece, the most recognized and copied of all of Louis Vuitton's bags. It is a Women's Handbag.. Not a "Manbag". Why don't you look at a Keepall 45 or a Carryall..
  5. The Speedy isn't the only thing wrong with that picture. He's wearing a shower cap, for crying out loud!!!
  6. Personally, :tdown: But do whatever you wish.
  7. I think you should wear whatever you like, BUT, my personal opinion is a Keepall or a Carryall! ;)
  8. I think the Speedy looks a million times better on a guy than the bum bags/ fanny packs that they have in the men's section of the website (eg. the Geronimos)
  9. I wear my Geronimo across my back or chest.. Not on my waist.
  10. Cool :biggrin:
  11. i admire guys who can carry off speedies, myself i carry a keepall45, and my friends call it the giant speedy.
  12. I think if LV makes the Damier Graphite/Black in a Speedy 40, it would sooooo be a great men's bag !!
  13. If you can pull it off than do it. But if you are uncomfortable with carrying it around, it will show.
  14. Not my cup of tea, but if it is yours, then -by all means- go ahead. However, I agree with this statement:
  15. I don't like the speedy 30 on a man. I'd go for a different style.