Speedy?!?! Needing Help with my wishlist

  1. Guys Im In Desperate need of help with what to buy and making a wishlist...I decided to sell all my items apart from things i Really really like so I can buy what I Really Want :wlae:
    I have never owned a speedy and really fancy one now
    I have Owned A Black MC Keepall For 2 Years And I Can Safely Say That was My Best Purchase Ever:yahoo:I Used It For everything ...They Used To Laugh At Me In Bond Street LV For Always Putting My Purchase's In To It!!

    I Don't Know What To Get Though I have Never Liked Plain Monogram I Do Like The Pink Perfo Atm :yes:(and every so Often Get A Flutter To THink The Cerises is nice!!)
    I Also Like The Neo Pink Denim And Then I Think Why Don't I Get A Black MC Speedy To Match My Keepall

    I Also Want A Black Suhali One When they are released:graucho:
    And Don't Say Get Them All Haha...I Know I probably will eventually Due to this site:nuts:..But help me choose my first speedy!!!:okay:
  2. if you love black MC so much id go woth that. it would be like your keepall had a baby! lol.
  3. Black mc speedy! That's what I am going to get next. It's classic!:p
  4. It sounds like you really love your mc keepall so i would say go for something you truely love! xx
  5. The Damier is really nice in the azur 30
  6. blk mc speedy
    pink neo speedy
    cerise pochette/cles
    perforated trotteur
  7. Thanks Guys For Ur Help!! Im Deffo Gonna Get The MC Speedy for The first purchase hehe..
  8. How about a Mini Lin Speedy?

  9. Congrats on your decision and welcome to the club :yes: