speedy (multi) owners....

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  1. Do you have on for each season or occasion? do you have one for good / and or bad days?
  2. My mc speedy.. only nice sunny days Spring/summer only
    My minilin... ANYTIME bag.
    My speedy 25 (my first lv) only nice days all year round.
    My Azur is now for spring/summer.. and i'm trying to use her regardless of the weather.
    My denim speedy.... Never gets used. She's been in the closet hiding for what 3 yrs ? When she comes out it must be a nice day...
  3. I use my white mc speedy mostly only in the summer. i use my mini lin speedy in ebene during fall winter. My mono speedy is only 25, so I use it for speical occasions and very rarely. I just bought a manhattan gm and galleria for more year round as partof a rotation - its taken me 3 years to have purses for all year.
  4. Mono Speedy 25 - My first LV and I use it anytime
    WC Speedy 35 - Only on nice spring summer days
    White MC Speedy - Also only on nice spring/summer days
    Black MC Speedy - I haven't used it since I bought it. It's been sitting in my closet for about 1 year now.
  5. The speedies that are in my avatar are the ones I have.

    mono speedy all year but mostly fall/winter: days w/ out rain but if it's raining and I'm out I just slip it in a plastic bag that I keep inside the purse.

    azure speedy: spring/summer only, again only worn on days when it won't rain but a surprise shower is handled by using a plastic bag that I keep handy.

    damier speedy: spring/fall/winter use only and I use it in all weather

    If I lived in a state or country where it rained a lot, I wouldn't care and I would just wear it whenever. Where I live it rains sporadically, not very often, except for early spring.
  6. I just grab each one that suit my particular mood or outfit that day, lol.
  7. I have black epi speedy 25 and azur 25; they get used year round regardless of the weather. I live in Louisiana so I feel either is appropriate at any time.
    I would love to add more speedies to my collection!
  8. mono speedy 30-used to use mostly but find it's too small for my all my things.

    damier azur 30-hardly used since i got my RM bags (i like the wide mouth opening zippered top on these bags best)

    IF i get mon0 35- this will be my everyday bag!
    IF i get multicolor speedy- we'll see how *brave* i am to take her out...? hmmmmm.
  9. What does one do with this collection?

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  10. Seems like a lot are abandoning the speedy 25 and 30 because they are too small.

  11. I carry my white MC speedy in the summer, my cerises speedy early fall, my mono speedy 30 winter and spring.
  12. I carry the monogram and damier ebene all year round (the monogram less during cold weather tho.. coz im afraid of the vachetta LOL) and I don't use the damier azur during winter.. not sure why altho lots of chic girls do! :smile:
  13. Mono Speedy 30- All the time
    Mono Mini Lin 30- All the time
    WC Speedy 35- All the time
  14. My Damier Azur Speedy 30 is used for non-rainy days sunny and days when I feel optimistic and happy about my outfit!
  15. Red Epi Speedy 25 ~ used mainly Christmas time. Too small for everyday.
    Black MC Speedy ~ haven't used it in ages, too heavy.
    Damier Ebene 30 ~ rainy days and my go anywhere worry free bag.
    Damier Azur 30 ~ when I feel young, lol! Mostly hot days.
    Mini Lin Ebene ~ everyday bag.
    White WC 35 ~ summer bag, my fun bag.
    Blue Denim ~ playful mood bag.