Speedy monogram size 30 or 35 ?

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  1. I want to get a speedy in a size 30 or 35.:confused1:
    Which size do you think would be better for me?

    I`m 5.6 and very slim and athletic looking but not sure if the 35 would be too
    I went to the LV store, but they have so much stuffing inside, it made the
    35 look way too large, the SA suggested to get the 30 size, which is the
    most popular.
    Can you ladies post some pics modeling 30 and 35 so I can see which looks better.
    I do not mind a bigger bag, somehow I like the 35 better, more LVuitton on it.
  2. personally I prefer 30... you can see some pics at visual adds threat also:yes:
  3. I would vote for the speedy 30 also! Its the perfect size for someone your height! =)
  4. Another vote for the 30... I think the 35 is too big.
  5. I'm also 5'6" and i'm planning to get a 30 as well =)