Speedy Monogram canvas or Damier canvas? Thanks!


Which one do you like better? Speedy monogram or damier? thanks

  1. Monogram canvas

  2. Damier canvas

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  1. Which one do you like better? Thanks

    For people who still want to see the pic.



  2. Depends on what else is in your collection and if you want to have a more or less recognizable bag.
    I always think that the mono is a great place to start, but if you want something more subtle and easier to care for, then the damier.
  3. thanks! I like the mono myself. :smile:
  4. i think the damier is more understated-- its not as ubiquitous as the mono canvas! plus you dont need to worry about getting the vachetta dirty..
  5. I like both...I have both. If you can only choose one..I would get the mono and then next time get the damier. Its great to have both.:graucho:
  6. yes I will only have one, for now. I am buying from eluxury and plan to get mono this time.
  7. i prefer damier - because I see mono fakes every day and that's sucks
  8. Damier does have less fakes and look new for longer time. Also it has read interior since kind of recently. I can only get one now.
  9. Same here. Have both!! Love 'em!!:love: ITA, if I had to choose one...I'd go w/ mono 1st!!

  10. I have both; I love my mono speedy MUCH more (except when it's raining - in which case I like the Damier)
  11. Damier :p
  12. Damier:yahoo: :yahoo:
  13. Both but between the two, my current favorite is Damier.
  14. I love them both but Damier is the best for looking atm, it looks so classy and not everywhere at the moment.
  15. Monogram Canvas vote here.

    The whole "fake" factor shouldn't really matter when deciding... as long as YOU know it's real, that's all that matters! ;)