Speedy Mono, used or new?


Should I buy Used or New?

  1. New

  2. Used

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  1. i like them new but it is all up to the person buying
  2. i dont like them used but you chose
  3. I don't like my bags to be used, so I'm bias towards this. Get a new LV especially for your first one.
  4. I also vote new for your first LV.
  5. Definitely new :biggrin:
  6. I vote for new too
  7. I do like the smell of new Vuitton, but I figure it'll get there anyways. I did buy my first LV in the boutique though.
  8. Since it's your "FIRST" LV, you gotta get a new one :amazed: !....it hasn't been touched by any grubby hands :sick: ! You can hand it down to your daughter.
  9. If you're an LV virgin, then you HAVE TO buy a new one if not for the buying experience too. You'll have so much fun browsing anyways. Once you start up your collection, you may choose to buy used but def new right now IMO.
  10. for me new, because it's a style i know i'll keep forever.it ages beautifully but i want to see it grow old with me especially if its gonna be my first born :amuse:
  11. I don't like buying used handbags. My vote is to get new.
  12. I agree with everyone, get it new. It's worth the money.
  13. I vote used. I think that the darkened leather looks better, and this way you don't have to go to the work of getting it that way...
  14. If it was below $300 I would consider used, but since you can add a bit less than $200 for a new one , I'd say get the new!