speedy Mono, Damier, or epi?

  1. I am curious about your oppinion about speedy. Which do you like and why?
  2. I only have the mono 30 speedy which I love. It is so classic.
  3. Love them all! :shame:
  4. That's hard..I have 3 of these lines...I love them equally..ehm..ehm..Don't want they get into a fight in the closet LOL
  5. Damier!
  6. i have the Mono and Damier, but i have to say i prefer the Damier :yes:. the Mono is too common and overrated -- and a little boring.
  7. I think all 3 are gorgeous and I only own Damier, but I would have to say Damier to be my favorite. The easy maintenance and the way it just looks so classy and rich is great!
  8. mmmmono!
    i love patina on the speedy! nuff said :smile:
  9. I have the Mono and a Damier. I love them both but I like that I don't have to worry about getting the handles dirty on the Damier.
  10. they are all good.
  11. I have the mono and damier. Equally - I love them dearly. I'm comforable wearing the damier more, as it is understated luxury at its finest and low maintenance since there is no vachetta leather to worry about. However, I love the monogram just as well, because that is the true essence and history of LV's iconic classic signature. Hmmm. BUT, I will be getting the epi red in the near distant future, and I LOVE RED!!! And there is the Cerises and Damier Azure speedy...........I'm so wanting the Cerises.
  12. My favorite is Mono because I love my mono Speedy 25. :love:
  13. I prefer Damier or Epi, mono not so much. Its just that everyone EVEEEERYONE has a mono speedy. I wouldn't feel as special with one.

  14. Epi, because it's leather, durable, classic and will never go out of style, is discreet if you don't want a logo purse.
  15. damier! like my signature :P
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