Speedy mono 30 sighting, it made me smile!

  1. well, i was in town today and i was walking along and i spotted a lady with a mono speedy 30!:yes: I know to the majority of you on here you see LV sightings all the time! But.... for me in Bham i have not seen one (real one) until this day!!!:p
    He he, it just made me smile, and it looked good as well, middle aged lady, it suited her really well!
    I am like bursting to go to LV now and get my damier 25! I cant wait!

    Just wanted to share my first IRL viewing!:heart:

    (BTW do you think there is any point in getting the hamstead if im getting the speedy?) TIA
  2. I'm in Wiltshire so have yet to see a LV IRL here apart from mine! I was standing in House of Fraser in Bath and two American ladies came in and asked if there was anywhere in the city they could buy LV! Had to explain that while Bath was a world heritage site it was also the equivalent of Siberia in designer bag terms!
  3. How exciting. I am buying a Speedy in a few weeks as my first LV bag. I can't wait to bring mine home. I can't wait to go to the boutique and see the damier in person. Enjoy your new bags! I wish I was in the UK. I visited there last year and fell in love with it. I am trying to determine if I can get there again this year since I am really missing it!
  4. You should visit Southern California. You'll get DIZZY from all the LV sightings there!
  5. aww how fun! I love LV sightings..especially speedys!!
  6. Always nice to spot a real Speedy or any LVs:yes: Tough choice, the Hampstead and Speedy look really different, IMO I'll get the Speedy first and later on if you still feel like you want/need the Hampstead then get it.....
  7. I love to see other people carry Authentic LVs. :heart:

    Can't stand it when I see fakes being carried!
  8. I see authentic mono speedys all the time.
  9. There's the difference between NYC and good old Bath. It's mono speedies all the way in NY while the best it gets in Bath is the odd Mulberry or two...
  10. How exciting! I very rarely see authentic LV's here either (Wales/England border)
  11. After a store opened here it exploded, but most people only get mono stuff which is getting pretty boring.
  12. I know you feel! I NEVER see real LV's here, but the other day I went to the post office and saw a REAL mono Speedy 25! sade me happy
  13. I guess I take it for granted since I see so many all the time here. :smile:
  14. Well blow me down - Bath has come up trumps. There I was browsing with my trusty mono speedy over my arm when I had a feeling someone was watching me. When I glanced up there was a woman carrying a mono Alma. We smiled knowingly at each other. My first LV sighting in Wiltshire!
  15. i love LV sightings. I don't know, but it always makes me giddy when I see LV's out and about. I was at the SF Stonestown Mall last night any say a whopping 7 LV's.