Speedy Mirage!

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  1. Was just at my local LV store and saw the Speedy Mirage! Here is the pic! Enjoy.
  2. Wow, is this from a show or did you purchase it? Are you in the US? :nuts:
  3. Thanks for the pic!

    So the LVs on either side don't match after all..there are still upside down ones!
  4. Wha --- I thought it was going to be seamed w/ no upside down LVs?
  5. I am in the US. And yes I am purchasing one.
  6. Yes, there is no seam at the bottom. Enclosing pic from previous thread.
    upside down mirage.jpg
  7. love this bag! is it coming in a 35?
  8. Where are you in the U.S?

    Did you just grab it from the display and buy it? Lucky you. :yes:
    I'm wondering why my SA hasn't called me yet. Hmmmm. :confused1:
  9. The bordeaux one is in my local LV, but I'm WL'd for the noir....

  10. May I ask you 'travelbliss' where are you in the U.S.?

    I'm wondering if you could buy it before the release date. :confused1: I remember our member bought the Neo Cabby in black (correct me if I'm wrong) before its release date and the SA asked not to use it before that date or she (the SA) will be in serious problem.
  11. is it my computer or can anyone not really see the degrade in the pic?
  12. Must be my computer, too...I can't see the degrade.
  13. Thank you for sharing your pic!

    No seam?? What? I'm getting confused. Perhaps the bordeaux is the only one with the seam on the bottom? Seam or no seam. This one has one, another doesn't. :shrugs:
  14. I live in FL.

    Any you are right....if the store has the bag, it cannot come home with you until September 15th !!!!
    This was told to me by my SA, who said LV is supposed to be very strict about this !!!!!!!!!!! I don't know how the girl from the UK got hers before the 15th. I think it was a mistake from her store that it was sold before release date....
  15. That's true....NM sold me the pastilles keychain thing before they were supposed to.