Speedy Mirage ---Seam or No Seam?

  1. I just wanted to ask this question for those who have seen it in real life. My friend just attended a trunk show and said that it HAD a seam. But I am enclosing a photo of the Speedy WITHOUT a seam in Ho Chi Minh city's fall preview show. So which is it? Arrgghhhh, I hate this wait!!! :cursing::nuts:
    Speedy Mirage Vuitton.jpg
  2. of coarse you won't see the seam it is underneath. do not worry i have seen the bad irl and there is a seam. so stop stressing :smile:
  3. sorry wrong info. there is another thread from a girl in london who as already received her and said there is not a seam. it' s like the traditional speedy all made with one piece. i guess the samples were modified for some reason.:sad:
  4. i'm thinking maybe they're showing prototypes for the trunk show or even for press related stuff since i guess its aesthetically nicer to see right side up LVs on both sides. just a hunch.
  5. I think you could be right, I guess we will all know for sure in a couple of weeks... OMG.... 10 DAYS!
  6. LOL I had to laugh at the title of this post. It seems we are all trying to solve this mystery of the seam/no seam. I hate this waiting and not really knowing what the deal is here. Grrrrr!
  7. The original pics from chauvness ages and ages ago showed no seam upside down LV on back, then the trunk shows everyone seemed to be reporting there is a seam and SA's told them so now bags are arriving people are saying no seam looks like LV couldn't make up their mind I feel sorry for the people where the seam may have be a deciding factor they could have taken their name off lists because of it
  8. I saw the bordeaux speedy in person earlier this week and there was not a seam!
  9. I my mirage speedy today and it does not have a seam.
  10. I called my SA today at LV Bloomingdale's in South Coast Plaza and she said that her LV store has just one bordeaux Mirage Speedy --- it has no seam on the bottom, so LVs are upside down like the regular Speedy. I'm going to take a look at it to see if this is a keeper for me.

    Launch date is supposedly September 15th as scheduled.
  11. I personally inspected the Mirage Speedy bordeaux, and there is no seam on the bottom. The LVs are continuous, like traditional speedies. I was told at the last minute, LV sometimes makes changes in production.

    For me, this is NOT a major deal. Its gorgeous IRL. I could care less if it had a seam or not !!!!!!!
  12. Even though I'm not getting this bag I wish there had been a seam. The ones with the seams looked gorgeous. It made it different.