Speedy Mirage readily available at 1866

  1. I just called 1-866-vuitton because a friend of mine was looking to get a Speedy Mirage and they told me that it is still "readily" available. So for all of you who didn't get one, try the call center. They can fedex it to you.
  2. oh good to know. Thanks for posting!
  3. Yeah... I saw 2 in the store today and 1 in Neimans... If you really one, they are out there waiting to come with you..lol..
  4. I called 1866 yesterday and they told me the computer showed 24 in the 'system'. I ordered a burgundy one from LV in Valley Fair Mall, San Jose, CA. I think she said they didn't have any black there any more, or yet, not sure which.
  5. That's good to know...hope everyone gets one that wants it!
  6. I am so glad to have my new one! Thanks again ;) It is a gorgeous bag!
  7. When I called yesterday I was told there were none in the USA. I asked them to check the department store boutiques and they called bloomies and Neimans for me and they had them.
  8. ^^^^^

    Seems like there's always conflicting info from the 866#.... {{{ sigh }}}

    but i'm not worried, I have my Noir !!!!!
  9. Just wondering how much it cost....??? So so Sad cant buy them thru e-lux....
  10. oh wow interesting. i thought they'd all be sold out by now.
  11. I think they are around $1,800.00.
  12. In the US, the Mirage Speedy retails for $1,870.00, plus applicable sales tax (varies depending on the city/county).
  13. O wow, they're def.more expensive in the US then. In Netherlands it's 1300 euros and in France 1250 euros... (that's incl.tax)
    Although.. not sure, cause the dollar decreased quite a bit these last weeks I think.. maybe that's why:s

  14. You can still buy them through 1866, though you pay taxes and shipping.
  15. I knew this bag wouldnt sell well...1870 is a bit ridiculous!!!!!!