Speedy Mini

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  1. Does anyone have a picture of themselves/someone carrying a speedy mini? I am wondering if it is just TOO small... I saw some pictures in a different thread and it seems to be a lot smaller than the speedy 25.

    thanks in advance! :P
  2. I have a MC speedy mini and speedy 25....the speedy mini is really small can't put much stuff it in compared to speedy 25. I could only fit my wallet and lipstick in there haha.... sorry don't know how to post pictures up
  3. I have one (sorry no picture of me with it tho) and I can only put my ID, CCs, cell phone and lipstick (and perhaps my digital cam) in it, that's it. It's small (the length of your palm), but very cute. I've seen girls carrying it with a long strap and that's very cute too. Is it practical, probably not, at least not like Speedy 25 or 30.
  4. I have the mini sac (aka mini speedy) and it can hold alot more than you think. It can hold a small wallet (not the regular medium size one), cell, keys, some makeups, small/thin digital camera, some receipts/notes, gum, and pens. I love it!
  5. The speedy mini is too small for me. It's does look very cute.
  6. I have a vintage mini sac hl (first year) that I wear with a long strap. It actually holds more than you would think. I use it when I go on walks so I don't need to carry a lot with me. V