speedy mini - what do you use it for?

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  1. Hello ladies,

    I've seen in different threads and photos that some of you have Speedy Mini's (either mono or mc). They look so cute, but not a very practical size.

    I'm just wondering what you use them for (in place of a pouchette?).

  2. I don't own one, but if I did, I would use it in place of a pochette or mini pochette. It would be a cute piece for evening social events, I think.
  3. I use mine for credit cards and cash. I use it in my Speedy 35 as a wallet. It is so cute to see the Mini HL come out of the Speedy. I LVoe mine. :blush:
  4. The Christmas tree? LOL
  5. I have one in black MC and only use it maybe once a year as an evening bag. It's too small for anything else really. You could use it inside other bags of course, but then the shape is not ideal for that - a pochette is easier to slip in and out, and its shape more efficient.
  6. I use mine at social events where I need a minimal bag, I use a strap with it. Not fancy events, though
  7. I use mine all the time inside a larger bag. ie. speedy 40, Mahina XL, even my Petite Noe. I use it a lot when I go shopping w/o my kids because I get used to carrying only a card holder, cell phone, and keys.

    I always get so many complement for using it because it is SO SMALL! It is adorable, get one! My friends call it the "baby LV."
  8. I use my white MC mini for weddings and other social events when I don't need to carry much. It fits my cles, phone, keys and lipstick. Now that I have the Eva, I think I would only use the mini if my outfit needs a pop of colour and strictly for spring/summer.
  9. I recently used my Damier Ebene Mini (it is amazing! love the custom order) on vacation. I had my Mono Galliera and didn't want to pack another big bag just in case of rain...well it did rain, and I had the baby bag with the strap to carry to dinner without having to worry about any vachetta.

    I've also worn it to parties with the strap. It looks cute on a casual outfit, and the strap makes sure I don't lose it if the party gets wild ;)

    I plan on giving it to a daughter one day, or a niece, or maybe I'll teach my cat to fetch small things with it.

    In short - they're adorable. Not the most useful, maybe, but they're really cute.
  10. I want one to use when I go shopping or do my laundry on the weekends. They are sooo cute.