Speedy Mini Lin or Original Speedy???


Nov 14, 2006
My boyfriend is plannig on buying me a LV purse for christmas.. I had been eyeing the Original speedy bag for a while..but ended up buying a gucci... i cannot choose between the two!! PLease HELP!!!!!!!


got tempted easily!
Apr 11, 2006
Dilema huh? I guess you should get mono speedy considering you have been eyeing it for a while. I have both bags but to be honest I haven't carry my mono for while. I love mini llin speedy because I haven't seen anybody carry it . I personally would prefer get mini lin and buy pre-owned mono. I love patina in mono bags especially in speedy because it has aged look. Luckily speedy was my first bag and I wore it for more than 1 year before I got other bags. So I earned that patina..


Jul 28, 2006
where it's summer forever.
Get what tops your list,what you really love.I both love the mono and mini lin,But it seems that you really like the Mono so get it.u might end up thinking of the mono again if you get the mini.


Apr 10, 2006
i say get the mono speedy. its never a bad choice, you could always get the mini lin speedy at a later time. :smile:
Sep 8, 2006
i think you'll be more happy w/ a mono but i don't like the fact that 4 other grls will be wearing the same bag i will be when i shop.
Jul 3, 2006
I never see faked mono speedies in the area I live. (Lucky I guess) - I see lots of fake murakami bags though. I recommend the mono speedy - it's a great bag! I wouldn't buy my very first mono speedy used because it can be hard to figure the patina and dirt on handles unless you really know the seller. (ie., bright flash can make handles look better than they are). You can't go wrong with a mono speedy. It's a lovely bag. To me, the mini lin reminds me of a "grandmom bag," but that's just me. I would worry about the pilling and snagging since it's fabric too. Also, my SA tol me if you spill something on the fabric on the mini lin, it can be very hard to clean, especially if it is a colored spill. Baby wipes are wonderful on the canvas on the mono speedy and also on the handles if you catch the spill fairly quickly.

I absolutely love my mono speedy.