speedy mini lin ebene for NY weekend

  1. im going to NY for New years weekend and i am taking my 2 week old speedy with me. how do u think it will hold up? i checked the weather and it seems like it's gonna rain there for 2 days? any insights?
  2. it will work out great.. Have fun!
  3. I think it will be great in the rain!
  4. Speedy mini lin in ebene is a worry free bag.
  5. No problems!!! Perfect Bag!!!
  6. I am so loving these reviews!! I have been eyeing this bag forever and I think it is going to be my first LV purchase in January!!!
  7. I got mine a couple of weeks ago based on the reviews here as well! The bag is fabulous and truely worry free! :tup:
  8. What do you guys thing about the Dune color? not so worry free?
  9. ebene mini lin is an all weather bag...i had my mirage speedy in the rain in nyc on sunday (yucky) and she did fine. i sometimes forget that she is an all weather bag because she was so expensive! lol.
  10. I went the first weekend in December for tree lighting and shows and I took my LV Speedy Azur 30 who was brand spanking new at the time...

  11. I have the Dune and the Ebene and I love them both!!!! They both still look as good today as the day I bought them.
  12. tnx! i just checked the weather and it looks like its gonna rain And Snow on sunday!!