speedy mini lin dune !!

  1. Hello
    I felt in love with the mini lin dune. Its so beautiful and feminin. Also the handles dont have vachette.

    What do you think of the speedy? Is it insensitively? what is with the rain?

    I'm gratefully for your experience, meanings etc.
  2. I have it in Ebene and havnt had any problem with it. Its my everyday bag :tup:
  3. It really is a pretty bag however I chose the mini lin speedy in ebene because it is easier to clean and maintain and doesn't get dirty or show dirt. I found that the bag was a bit bland and too pale for my tastes. However if you love it and can maintain a bag, go for it!
  4. I agree...very cute bag!
  5. what is in the rain? can water comes on the speedy? isnt is a problem?

    or can i go through the rain with it ? no watermarks or something else like by the speedy mono?
  6. is the dune version dificult to clean? is it waterproof?
  7. nice, congrats!
  8. I spilled water on my denim LV and it beaded up....rolled right off. I'd think this material might be similar. I know I couldn't keep it clean..it's gorgeous though!
  9. I'm not sure about the rain but an SA told me that the Dune was hard to clean because it's so white, so if you get dirt marks on it, it might be hard to come off. Also it takes a lot to maintain it to keep it from getting dirty because it's so pale. But if you're careful with it, I'm sure it would be worth it. I would go into an LV and see it for yourself and talk to an SA.
  10. oh that to hear make me sad .. I would like to have a lv bag espeacelly a speedy ( I love the speedys so much) where I dont must care if it rains or somethin else. I love my mono so much, but it nervs me that I'm scare if it rains outside ..

    I thought that the mini lins and damier are better to handle, beause they dont have vachetta on it. is it wrong?:confused1:

    from the 3 speedys I like the dune a lot and so I was thinking that this can be a good choice in the next months..
  11. I have it in Ebene and it's fine for me to carry in the rain. It holds up very well, despite what most people think. Get it!
  12. I have the Mini Lin in ebene and have carried it MANY times in the rain (a few times it was really POURING) and the water just beads right off. No worries about water spots on the handles either .. not sure about the dune though. I'm sure the rain part would be fine but not sure how "dirty" it would tend to get.
  13. Yeah I know the mini lin speedy in ebene is alright in the rain and is really dark so doesn't get dirty easily. But if you are loving the Dune, I would get it!
  14. I have this bag in the ebene and LOVE IT! I 've been carrying for the last 2-3 weeks... We've had rain and i carry her with no worries :biggrin:
  15. It's one great bag. I have it in Ebene but my bags don't see the rain. So I don't know how it would do in that case.