Speedy Mini Lin (Dune) or Speedy Perfo (Green)

  1. I've a dilemma again. I'm just so excite about new mini lin color, and I love something pale (I love love Azur), so I think speedy dune will be my perfect match. :p However, before that I was spotting on speedy perfo as well, I think I should have one.:yes: The bad thing is there's only green color left on eLux (I prefer to buy from eLux since I will get cash back from ******).:sad:

    Should I get mini lin or perfo?

    Also, I really want Saleya MM so bad, but I convince myself since I already got the GM, I shouldn't have the MM again. (it's the same function and I love big bag, I tend to use GM more often)

    What do you think?? :confused1:
  2. I would go for the perfo...i think dune might be hard to keep clean...IMO anyways
  3. i think the dune speedy, its so summer!
  4. Mini Line Dune!
  5. I'd get the green Perfo..the Dune Mini Lin is REALLY light and will be really susceptible to dirt, no matter how careful you are.
  6. Go for the mini lin. It is awesome. I just bought it today and can't wait to get it!
  7. I just got the mini lin but i love the perfo!!! I would get that!!!
  8. I happen to LOVE green so I say perfo !
  9. I think you should get the mini lin in dune since the perfo is kinda a fad or trend (because of the holes and the neon-ish green color) on the other hand the mini lin dune is more of a classic because of the brown color and you can use it just about anytime :smile: (this is just my opinion) sorry if i'm not making any sense hahahaha
  10. Dune!
  11. Thanks so much, I think I will get the Dune.:yes:
  12. I'd go w/green perfo Speedy! Seems like you already have some pale color handbag b/c it's your favorite color, it will be a good idea to add some colorful AND durable speedy in your collection......BTW, have you seen the new Ivorie Epi...?:graucho: :devil: It'd be alot easier to take care than fabrics.......KWIM? hehehe
  13. I say mini lin.
  14. Classic Chic, I really love to have something in Ivory. But I feel so sad, since the Handbag Montaigne will not produce in that color. :sad: (I think I don't want the Speedy in Ivory, I already have in Toledo)
  15. I'd choose Mini Lin anytime