Speedy made in USA?

  1. I gave my Mom her first LV bag for Christmas. I got her the speedy 25. The bag is soooo cute.

    I was kinda disappointed to see the bag stamped with "made in USA". Can anyone tell me if it is ONLY the 25's that are US made? :s
    I sensed her concern about the small size of the bag... so I'm going in tomorrow to exchange it for the 30.
    Are the 30's French made?
  2. It makes no difference where bags are made. ;)
  3. if you bought it in america, then it most likely is made in the USA. there's one factory in california.. the top like.. 20 styles/models are produced in the US.. most of them being: Keepalls of most sizes, Speedys of all sizes, Papillions of all sizes.. a lot of agendas, damier pieces, even a select few multicolore or epi pieces too.
  4. My 30 is made is USA.
  5. Doesn't make a difference, quality-wise..LV is LV no matter where it was made. My Damier 30 was made in the U.S. as well.
  6. if it bothers you, you can ask the SA to locate made in france, but it really don't make a difference quality wise like everyone said.
  7. Mine is from the USA, and I am proud of it.:yes: Why do you think a French made bag would be better?
  8. John and LVBabydoll are right...it makes no difference where the bag is made...I'm proud as h*** to carry my Made in the USA Keepall. Looks identical to my Made in France Keepall, same size, patina, you name it...:yes:
  9. My 30 is made in the US. There's no difference in quality.
  10. I agree with you guys, there is no difference between made in U.S.A. or France. I think it might be harder to locate a made in france.
  11. It really wasn't my intention to imply that US made bags are of inferior quality. It just seemed appropriate that when presenting a gift of an expensive French designer handbag, that the bag be made in France..? N'est pas? I have monogram pieces of my own from Spain/France/USA and am proud of all of them!:love:
  12. ^^i understand completely.
  13. my 25, made in USA.
  14. as long not made in china ... :p
  15. My 35 is made in the USA. I haven't looked at the others. Frankly, I could care less where my bag is made.