Speedy Made in France... Need Your Help PLEASE

  1. I won this speedy on ebay.
    I always had MADE IN USA speedys
    This is made in france (which is what I wanted)
    IT LOOKS 100% real to me
    But I just need someone to look at this datecode and look at your bags and tell me does it look right...I own MANY LV bags BUT the Fonts on the 00 look different on this speedy...
    Plus the first two letters are AA and NONE of my other bags start with AA

    I did pay My poupette $5.00 to tell me if this was real or fake and this is what they wrote me:

    Hi. This Speedy bag appears to be authentic. Let me know if I may be of further assistance.

    I just need you girls to tell me if it the date code is correct to make me feel better:heart:

    P.S. Don't mind the shine on the bag I just appleguarded it ...so it is still wet

    THANKS for your time

  2. Looks good to me! Isn't your Graffiti made in France too?
  3. I would say that it is authentic. Congrats!
  4. Yes But the Fonts in this speedy Look different then my graffiti speedy....
    I should have wrote Monogram speedies..I have owned 3 in the last 8 years and sold them all;) and I buy other ones again LOL..I been holding out for Made in france one..

    THE DATE CODE LOOKS FUNNY IN THIS SPEEDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or Maybe I am just crazy LOL

    (which I am) :LOL
  5. It looks fine ?

    The reason that you may never have had AA on your bags is that the letters are factory codes, and AA may not exist in the US, only in France.
  6. The datecode on my Speedy starts AA - it's one of the codes in France.
  7. The whole date code fonts thing has been boggling me too.

    These are date codes from my bags made in France

    Speedy 25

    Bandouliere 45

    Mini Mono Juliette

    From the US

    Batignolles Horizontal


    This was the date code from my Mono Mini Looping. It was made in the US

    And Popincourt Haute made in the US
  8. VipStyle - your speedy looks good to me!:amuse:

    :shocked: WOW! LOOK at your RING! its HUGE! :amazed: So beautiful :love:
  9. hey...i'm a bit confused here and it's probably a silly question, but do all LV bags have a date code?

    Cause like, I dun think my papillon or pochette marelle has one?

    Which bags would have it date code hanging inside the bag?
  10. All LV's, with the exception of the vintage one's, have a date code. The papillon is not a tag, but it is a stamp in the seam.
  11. On bags that have the datecode stamped like the Papillon, it is usually stamped really close to the seam. You really have to look to see it. It took me several months before I located the datecode on my LV wallet. I was afraid of mutilating it looking for the code. :lol:
  12. Here is the location of the date code on the papillon:
  13. ^^ i can't believe you managed to get a picture of the date code on the pap! i'm been trying to photograph mine and i can't get the bag to open wide enough to get the light in the photograph it .

    with my pap 19 i can't even see at the datecode very clearly as its too close to the seam
  14. please only post authenticity questions in the Authenticate This! sticky or Forum.
  15. I just put the camera inside and took some random shots!!!:lol: